We Bet You Didn’t Know These Weird Hobbies Of Your Favourite Celebs

There is no one in the world who doesn’t admire any celebrity. And why, not! It’s always exciting to see and know what is going on in their lives, their fashion and other things that they do. But all the glitter’s is not gold. We often come across celebrities with bizarre hobbies and here are the entire deets on that.


Johnny Depp

celebrities with bizarre hobbies

Johnny Depp LOVES Barbies Dolls. Yes, you read that right. The actor loves to play with them and has a massive collection of Barbies which includes doll versions of his own characters, High School Musicals, Beyonce, Marilyn Monroes, Paris Hilton and other special edition Barbies.


Penelope Cruz

celebrities with bizarre hobbies

The actress  has a weird obsession of collecting non-metal hangers and has about 500 different kinds of coat hangers.


Amanda Seyfried

celebrities with bizarre hobbies

Amanda Seyfried collects something which may raise some eyebrows and animal activists may not be very pleased to hear about! She has a collection of taxidermy.


Paris Hilton

celebrities with bizarre hobbies

Heiress, socialite, Paris Hilton enjoys spending her leisure time catching frogs from her yard which she later on releases in the wild.


Mike Tyson

celebrities with bizarre hobbies

Besides knocking his contenders down in the ring, Mike Tyson is also a practiced pigeon racer. The athlete is known to attend various championships  / pigeon pageant to show off his best bred birds.


George Clooney

celebrities with bizarre hobbies

When asked what he loves to do in his free time, the handsome actor replied that he loves to make shoes!


Taylor Swift

celebrities with bizarre hobbies

Apart from collecting all the awards in the VMA’s , Taylor Swift loves to make snow globes and gifts them to her friends, family and fans during Christmas every year.


Mila Kunis

celebrities with bizarre hobbies

Like men needed another reason to love this hottie, but Mila Kuni has confessed her love and obsession for World of Warcraft. She has revealed that she spends hours playing this fantasy game.


Jared Leto

celebrities with bizarre hobbies

Jared Leto is one of the sexiest men in Hollywood and the actor loves to dress up as a drag. He once did it for a role and it has stayed with him since then.


Angelina Jolie

celebrities with bizarre hobbies

The actress has an obsession with knives and daggers which has turned into a big, massive collection.


Nicholas Cage

celebrities with bizarre hobbies

The actor almost got the role of Superman in Tim Burton’s movie but the project got shut down. The actor got so upset and obsessed over it, that he started collecting Superman merchandise.


Simon Cowell 

celebrities with bizarre hobbies

We know, Simon Cowell as a rude and very harsh celebrity judge who likes to rant every now and then but deep deep down, he is still a kid. The celebrity has confessed that he loves to climb trees and does it daily. He also confessed his love for cartoon and said the he watches ‘The Flitstones and The Jetsons’ every morning to put him in a good mood.


Norman Reedus

celebrities with bizarre hobbies

The Walking Dead star once received breast implants from a crazy fan to which he said, I liked the gift send me more, as a joke but since then all his fans send him breast implants which now he has a collection of.



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