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Tomorrow Land is one of the most famous electronic dance music (EDM) Festival that takes place in Boom, Belgium. This spectacular festival lasts for over 2 weeks and sells in seconds. Tomorrowland 2018 began on 20th July and incorporates 2 weekends, i.e, 20-22 July and 27-29 July. Going back in history, Tomorrow Land started back in 2005, including artists such as  Erwin Tang Yew Hon, Armin van Buuren, Cor Fijneman, Yves Deruyter, Technoboy, Yoji Biomehanika and Coone. It started as a one-day festival but with time and popularity, the duration has been expanded. People from all around the world come to witness this massive festival. It has different themes and different artists every year. Also, it has music for everyone, there is Techno, House, Trance, Hardstyle, Raw, Hardcore etc.

Tomorrow Land

The location for the festival is the beautiful town of Boom in Belgium. It is a small town located one the Belgian countryside, built between Antwerp and Brussels. The population of this small town tends to increase quickly by multiple folds during this festival within a short span of time. Tomorrowland manifests love, in every form with the concept of “Church of love”. This church is an closed space made available to the lovers of all kinds to spend time together. But main attraction is undeniably the main stage. It is gigantic, it is intricate, it is different, every year. It ranges from giant trees to a man-made erupting volcano. The stage is magnificent in every sense.


Apart fron this, Tomorrow Land showers people with small luxuries. It has its own newspaper, radio station, butcher, supermarket, tattoo parlor, H&M clothing store, the currency called  ‘Pearl’ in its own Tomorrow Land city called Dreamville. If your imagination ended there, it also has special “Freshpoints” offering deodorant and hairspray to freshen you up. The food here is not even close to the regular Festival food. The fest offers authentic Belgian food straight from award winning-chefs. So, you can dine at the finest while looking at the main stage.


The list of facilities doesn’t end there. Tomorrow Land brings another awesome concept of Friendship Bracelets which is basically a Facebook wristband. The festival invites entries from numerous countries across the globe, turning it into a great place to make friends. To ensure you don’t lose the awesome people you meet, organizers have developed these bands. So, when you meet a potential new best friend, you have to press the heart button on the wristband and a facebook request will be sent to them automatically.


This year the theme for Tomorrow Land is The Story of Planaxis, which was revealed last October. There will be 3 stages, namely, Mainstage, Musical Freedom and Drumcode. There is a long list of EDM artists performing that Tomorrowland this year which includes, David Guetta, Lost Stories x Zaeden, Mike Williams, San Holo, Ida Engberg etc. The first day of the festival this year proved to be above the bar that was previously set. There were magnetic performances by Hardwell, Vini Vici, Afrojack and Above & Beyond. The rest of fest is expected to be as charismatic as ever.



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