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An year marked by checkered movie releases including – Batman vs Superman, Suicide Squad, Legend of the Tarzan, Jungle Book and others- couldn’t have been any bigger with Clint Eastwood’s latest, Sully hitting theaters this September 9. It marks the first collaboration of two greats of Hollywood- an evergreen and unputdownable Eastwood and perhaps the most loved American son, Tom Hanks.

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While on one hand, movie-goers will be treated to the minuscule but majestic details of witnessing a truly great Eastwood saga, Tom Hanks’ presence in the biopic based on the life of aviation security expert & former US Airways captain, Chesley Sullenberger makes the movie all the more enticing.

What’s Up Life presents you 7 reasons why you must make time for Tom Hanks’ Sully:

  1. Bringing to audiences, the life of an unsung American hero


America never needs to prove the world its chivalry. Right from producing outstanding legends such as George Patton to the modern day great Chris Kyle, this is truly the home of the brave and the land of the free. But among its many heroes is former US Airways Captain Sullenberger, jovially called ‘Sully’. He was the hero who successfully executed the safe-landing of a turbulent and what could have been nearly catastrophic US Airways Flight 1549 safely in the middle of the Hudson river, New York. Never before Clint has anyone dared to dive into the details of one of America’s great brave-hearts in bringing his story onto the big screen.

2. A nail-biting saga

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Captain Chesley Sullenberger’s life was every bit enigmatic and action-packed as the day he executed one of the most daunting emergency rescue operations in the history of America. Named by ‘Time’ as one of 100 most influential heroes and icons, Sully was a daring man who allied with courage and unswerving focus whilst serving in the US Airways. In his checkered career as a top level wingman, he flew as a United States Air Force Fighter Pilot, received the Outstanding Cadet in Airmanship award and was a widely regarded flight leader and training officer. Through Sully, the world will finally witness a man of such remarkable character and courage.

3. The Clint-Eastwood and Tom Hanks chemistry

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In his previous major biopics, Clint has displayed a panache to capture minute but effervescent details of the diverse subjects he’s showcased on big screen. Picture- Bird (based on the life of Charlie Parker), J.Edgar Hoover( FBI’s notorious former chief). With a love to bring to fine light the tumultuous life of complex characters, Eastwood had reinvigorated a bright light into American cinema. And he would expect nothing less from Tom Hanks in giving his best in raising the magnanimity of a hero like Captain Sully. Hanks, on the other hand loves a good challenge. We have seen him deliver, time and again, roles that require a balance between the complex and incredible, essaying emotional yet passionate characters with a sense of wonder that only he can bring to the screen.

4. Remaking the complex and inimitable events surrounding US Airways Flight’s emergency

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The manner in which US Airways Flight 1549 safely water-landed off Manhattan into the Hudson reminds viewers of the unforgettable horrors associated with 9/11. Eastwood has brought with fascinating and meticulous details, the life of a public hero who was adept at his job when it mattered most whilst still finding himself reeling under tremendous self-doubt and uncertainties. As always, there are voids existing between history or facts and the dramatic improvisations but critics have already hailed Sully as an ‘on the edge’ entertainer.

5. An Oscar worthy movie?

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Among mainstream American media, including the likes of Vulture and New York Times have lavished effusive praise on Sully, calling it an ‘honest, skillful rumination of what truly makes a hero’. Most importantly, the movie marks the big screen return of Tom Hanks reprising yet another central biopic role. Touted as one of the finest performances of his career, his return after the success of previous hit “Bridge of Spies”, marks his second biopic role, having already played the great Walt Disney in ‘Saving Mr. Banks’. Could we be set to see Hanks being nominated for the Academy Award for the Best Actor category? Interestingly, Eastwood has done well to bring a catchy tale dangling between the decision of pencil-pushing bureaucrats who hold the fate of a captain who could either fail or resurrect himself at the face of an impending disaster. There are good chances of Eastwood being nominated for the Academy for the Best Director having woven a tale spinning on its head around the action drama genre with high-octane gravity.

6. Tom Hanks the man himself

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Easily among the most versatile actors of his generation, fans love him and can’t ever have enough of the ‘Sully’ actor. Women are in awe of his chivalrous and good-natured persona while men aspire to reach his phenomenal heights of success. Over the years, the world has lauded Hanks as a true chronicler of American history and through Sully, an intimate portrayal of an unsung hero, it remains to be seen what depths of perfection would Hanks have touched in bringing to life an inspiring true story. May Sully sail over the box office.


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