Tips to have a relaxed travel

Who does not experience the pressure of planning a travel especially when there is a deadline to leave the house to catch an airplane? Traffic jam, pressure to catch the plane on time, receiving phone calls and messages from home to check on the things that may have got missed, searching for the ticket on the mobile phone and checking the pockets for a PAN card or passport to show once you reach the airport entrance. Hectic everywhere!

It is very common that travelers are less patient and sometimes rude-especially on places like airport and train stations. But stress is totally unnecessary. This time, plan your travel for a vacation or business differently. Try it out. The below mentioned tips might help because all you need is the right plan and you will be able to travel with ease.

 First, make a plan of what, how and when


Before you commence your journey, ask yourself this very valid question- How would you describe your journey once you are back? This question would bring clarity to your plans and will save your energy and time, eventually also your money. Plan things like washing the clothes you want to pack, going to the salon, exchanging the currency, deciding on the luggage to take, buying the items you want for your travel, rounding off the time to pack your luggage and so on beforehand.

 Secondly, start working on the plan



If you plan smartly, you will have enough time to enjoy the pre-travel excitement as well. Make sure you have a list ready of not just the stuff you want to carry but also what would you like to do when you reach your destination.

Thirdly, prepare a day / night before you travel


Pack the important items like purse, extra money, keys, tickets and passport in a specific bag that is handy. To stay relaxed plan for some extra time for yourself on the day of travel e.g. reach the airport about an hour before the scheduled time. Avoid eating unhealthy fast food and pack a few healthy snacks and some water. Healthy snacks can be fresh fruits and vegetables (like carrots), nuts, boiled eggs and dry oats.


 Fourthly, travel with luggage, not baggage


Travel light not just the luggage but mentally as well. Once in a while move about every 40 minutes or so. Long bouts of sitting on trains and airplanes or cars takes a toll on your blood circulation and the pressure can be felt in your lower back. To reduce uncomfortable feelings and the risk of blood clots stand up and roam around, even if it is for 2 minutes. Also do a few stretches or movements like heel-lift to increase the blood circulation again. Enjoy your journey without the intervention of gadgets like the tablet or mac/laptop. It might hinder your experience of traveling and remind you of home. Pack a good book or even better an empty notebook and use it as a journey diary.

Once a while, it is great to do absolutely nothing. Enjoy the journey, breath, observe your own thoughts/other people and relax your body & mind.

Happy journey and love,


By Jasmin Waldmann
Life Coach



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