Is India changing? Looking at the Netas and Political Dynasties of India

The new age of Dynastic Politics

Dynasty is the new trend which is ruling our film industry and politics. The Netas exploiting and the people blindly dancing to their tunes. The recent coronation of Tejaswi Yadav as the deputy chief minister of Bihar should not surprise anyone; in fact it evokes a wishful thinking where an Indian youth might pray to be born as some big leader’s son next time. By just the virtue of being a son, you can rule a lot of territories. If you do, you are making the word Politics more obvious in India akin to today’s Netas.political-dynasty-in-india-4-638

The purists might loath the current Indian political scenario and say that democracy has lost its meaning in the country, but the truth is truth – it can be good, bad and ugly. Whilst democracy is beautiful which gives the right to your voice, it is not the perfect system. But again, all other options are worse. Did we not see Gaddafi and Saddam?

Whilst in film industry, a well known son has to prove his mettle after his first sponsored launch, a leader’s son can ride on our country endlessly;  Chirag Paswan is a suitable case study. BJP, which claims to be the largest political party of the world, also claims to be free from this adorable vice – dynastic politics. It is true that the party is not controlled by any dynasty at the highest level like we see about Congress and RJD and Samajwadi Party, it is too infected at the middle level where many ministers’ sons are active and strong within the party and in their regions.

The worst affected party is undoubtedly SP, where Mulayam Singh’s entire kunba is involved from Panchayat level to the CM’s post. According to a report, about 55 members of his Khandan are ruling the roost. The politics has become a new business, a very lucrative for those who have achieved tremendous success post JP movement. In zila panchayat elections, the prospective Zila Presidents can be seen offering cars and flats as bribes to the Zila members for seeking their crucial votes.



Janta, as usual, is and will be at the receiving end. They will have to face not only taxes but will never get even 20 per cent benefits from any government schemes no matter what Modi or any CM can claim. Only Rs. 5 or even less of Rs 100 will reach them. The rest is devoured by the nuts and bolts of the political and bureaucratic machinery.

For any reform – long term or short term – the leaders have to rise above political bickering and self interests, which is not possible in India, where winning an election is the only aim of a party and Netas. Earlier, our leaders were leaders because they entered politics to serve and not to be served. These days, we see the naked dance of the leaders – crying, tearing their clothes and behaving like mad dogs to protest the denial of tickets.


I think any government is as smart as its people. To bring in the change, we have to change ourselves first. We have to decide what we need from our leaders and how to hold them accountable. Recall is an option but will the netas ever pass a bill of recall, or even talk about it lest the people can take it forward?  In this age of filthy politics where leaders use a language that can shame even the local goondas, change can and will come only from the most aware people, the evolved people, the fearless people. Until then, we are passive watchers and foods of the crooked crop of Netas looting the vital resources of our vast and beautiful country which we should bequeath to the next generation.                      source: Indiatimes


There is one last way to end dynastic politics at the highest level but that would be a revolutionary step. The futuristic idea is – giving voters a direct power to choose their CM and PM as well as the President of the country. This can be done simultaneously at the time of general elections itself. To achieve this objective, a constitutional amendment is needed, but would our netas ever allow or even draft such a bill? But if this happens, sons like Tejaswi Yadav and Akhilesh yadav would never ever become what they finally became.


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