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As the saying goes – “look good, feel good” the first thing one notices about any individual is their appearance. That’s what fashion is all about, you look at someone who’s dressing sense and style appeals to you and it instantly connects with you. Whether it’s a formal office meeting or an evening at a fancy restaurant, a tie makes for a great fashion statement. Although a very tricky fashion accessory, if the tie is pulled off correctly, there really are very few things which even come close to it’s comparison.

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The basic elements are are well known amongst most people, things like matching the colour with the correct texture & pattern.

A well knotted tie, and something that complements the rest of your outfit in a darn good way reveals a lot about a man’s personality. It’s also one of the first things which other people will notice about you while in any kind of social gathering.

Here’s a complete tie guide on how you can look dapper and assertive with the right necktie!
So, get your notepads out and keep reading.

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Seasons : Just like how you have different attires for different seasons, ties can be chosen and worn depending on seasons too.


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Keeping the heat and humidity in mind, linen and cotton ties of a preferably bright colour are your best bet.


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It’s suggested to go for woollen, knitted, velvet and other warmer material ties during the cooler and dry months.

Moving on from the seasonal aspect of ties, the other factors which contribute in making the perfect tie include it’s fabric, pattern and also it’s size.

Silk, polyester, woollen, linen and rayon are the usual materials used for ties. But a recent trend has shown the use of vegan fabrics and bamboo to make ties, which have been a decent hit amongst the people. The ties made from these materials are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Perhaps the most crucial factor in choosing the best tie for you, is the pattern. Depending on the occasion for which you’re suiting up, there can be numerous choices you need to make when it comes to neckties. For people who want a more mature and assertive look, while in a meeting or any formal event, woven ties which have a deeper, subtle and simple intricate texture is hands down the most viable option.

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For the youngsters though, a funky printed tie won’t do much harm. Cartoon prints, polka dots and floral prints are the most popular choices made by this group of people.

Black, blue, green and red are all classic colors. Nothing beats a pinstriped tie or a pin-dotted tie while you’re on your way to work!

A few things to remember –

1. The correct length of a tie is just below the navel; where your belt begins. It should neither be too long or too short.
2. The knot should always be tied, shouldn’t come loose or get crooked.
3. Avoid big and bold prints, instead go for subtle prints to ace a sharp look
4. For an official corporate meeting, it still remains the “IT” factor to wear a solid coloured tie, paired up with well fitted suit and a white shirt.


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