Dipti Datta

Things You Can Do During Quarantine… It Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard!

April 1, 2020

Social distance, social distance, social distance! Work from Home may have sounded like music to the ears when things were normal.... but has suddenly turned into the sourest sound! Now we don't want to work from home. We regret the time we cancelled on that party or meeting a friend. Well, let's face it, the hullabaloo around Coronavirus isn't dying down anytime soon. So, instead of cribbing and driving yourself insane stressing.... make the most of this time..... reflect, reflect, reflect.... Here are some things to do during quarantine!

No Points for Guessing.... Netflix Your Way Through!

Surely, this is the first task for everyone? Finish that series! Watch that bad TV show you’ve always wanted to! The time is nigh dear friends to be a couch potato and proud. While you’re at it, you may as use the free trials of Amazon Prime and all the other platforms. Make the most of it!

No More News...

If you've been glued to your screens for the latest COVID-19 updates, this is for you. Taking a break from the stream of negative reports can help reduce stress and anxiety and give your brain room to for positive thoughts and ideas.

Home Workout? Can't Be That Bad

You can get a thorough workout from home. Youtube, people....also has plenty of free, no-equipment fitness videos, too. Just 30 minutes of any kind of heart-pumping workout can significantly reduce stress.

Learn...... Anything! Who Knows What You Might Discover

There is plenty of research that shows when we learn something new, and do something that allows us to grow, it can be very powerful, Whether you want to learn a language, learn how to cook, or even learn how to put on fake eyelashes, now is the time to do it.

Virtual Dates Can Be Romantic Too!

Set up a FaceTime date to eat dinner together virtually. Let your kids have virtual play dates over Skype. I think people should be thinking about everything they can do to stay connected remotely."

Get Up, Dress Up.... & Work From Home

Don't get us wrong— spending a day in your pjs is the dream. But spending weeks in your pjs? You really might go stir-crazy.  it's easy to make "work from home" synonymous with "work from bed." But even if your home is the size of a shoebox, it'll be good for your mental health to carve out some kind of dedicated office.

Do What You Always Wanted To

Taking breaks throughout the day for five-minute mindfulness sessions, and looking into apps and websites that offer free guided meditations. Journaling, creating artwork, trying out new makeup techniques, doing self-massages, or just setting candles beside your tub and enjoying an in-home spa will all help you destress and feel like your best self.

If nothing works...... Turn the music on, Put on the headphones, grab a drink..... & make home your Hawaii!


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