Siddharth Nandi

Avoid Doing This… & Be At The Top Of Your Bae’s Mind!

July 23, 2019

No relationship is devoid of fights and arguments. But if getting into a fight wasn't bad enough, listening to things that hurt you more makes matters worse. Once the scathing statements are uttered, there's really no way of going back and undoing all that has been done. Since the clock cannot be turned back, all you can do is hope and try to make amends for all the wrong doing. Now, this is easier said than done. We've grown up knowing that “the pen is mightier than the sword”, but so are words. So, needless to say you'd like to avoid such a situation where you spend days at a stretch working to make things right with your partner, with nothing other than hope to hold on to. These are six things which you might wanna' avoid using during a squabble with your partner, as they will only worsen the matter :)

Why can't you be like him/her

heated argument with your partner THIS IS THE MOST UNREALISTIC AND HURTFUL REMARK. Comparisons are never good, and more so when your beloved is concerned. Lets face it, no two humans are the exact same, and as is the way of life – everyone has some qualities and drawbacks. It's all a question of how you put the qualities of your beloved first and then everything else, because if such a comparison is'll really question your decision making ability as you chose to be in that particular relationship.

It's your fault !

Heated argument Ah! The blame game. This statement is enough for both parties to go full MMA on each other, and in that chaos the real issue for the fight will become redundant. A completely unnecessary & unproductive move, it'll leave your partner confused and looking for something for which he/she will put the blame on you. Have constructive arguments, which encourage clarity and reason while sharing your concerns.

You sound crazy

things NOT to say in a heated argument with your partner Isn't it obvious? Both of you will sound crazy and asylum-worthy while having a fight, not just one person. Name calling is for kids, and since at the moment you're in a fairly steady relationship, it's safe to say you're not a kid anymore. Tempers flare while having a heated argument, and whatever is said at that time is in defiance or retaliation. So avoid! Avoid name calling.

That's it...I give up!

things NOT to say in a heated argument with your partner Erm, this isn't no soap opera honey. This statement may put an end to that particular argument as you say it and stomp off to the sunset but it will not serve the purpose at all. The uncomfortable silence may also lead to resentment. Running away and giving up is not the solution – not for this or any other problem you face in life. So, work on making things right rather than shutting the door yourself.

Don't make such a big fuss

relationship_conflict_couple_in_bedWell, just like the littlest of things can make us happy it can make us feel bad too. If your partner is willing to discuss and sort these things out, it does not necessarily mean that he/she is creating a fuss.

I want a divorce

heated argument with your partner avoid divorceBringing up words like this can rattle even the strongest of relationships & the one at the receiving end will find it difficult to shake it off. Speak of such a thing only when you're ready to sign the paper.

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