The Tea Trove …. Bending The Tea Trend!

Being an ardent and resolute tea drinker, my definition of tea began and ended with home made elaichi and tulsi chai. But that was before i tread upon The Tea Trove, a Kolkata based Tea  cafe.  As they say, there’s a little bit of heaven for everyone, The Tea Trove seemed to be mine….and it didn’t fall short ! My excitement brewed to another level when i reached this simple kiosk in the middle of the millenium city’s most buzzing hub, Cyber Hub. The array of tea blends was impressive in variety and display.

The Tea Trove

Tea Trove’s blends of Iced Teas

The Founder, Rishav Kanoi, a truly humble gentleman, was extremely polite and welcoming. He set about introducing me from one exotic blend to the other, leaving me completely awe struck! He offered me their Blueberry Ice tea. Whats extraordinary about it, you would ask? They make it fresh with tea leaves infused with dried blue berries, right in front of you! Blending the two perfectly for the freshest Iced Tea in town! And It gets better….you have the option of picking and selecting your own leaves and blends. Well, my rejuvenation was complete & my tepidophobia subsided! I was still reeling under the refreshing effects of the Iced Tea when i was offered another surprise from their pandora’s box of surprises.  Tea Espresso anyone? Blended impeccably with Assam tea, it is for my late night working hours.

The Tea Trove

Rishav & Shruti Kanoi

Rishav went on to share some trivia about his foray into the tea world. A family business since generations, he was convinced that tea could be marketed as an innovative drink too, which he managed to carry out with elan. Rishav, along with his wife Shruti Kanoi, launched The Tea Trove café in 2012 with rave reviews and soon became a favourite with Kolkatans. They won The Times Food Award (2013), The Telegraph Food Awards in the tea/coffee category (2013), Indian Restaurant Award (2014), and Zomato User’s Choice Award (2013 & 2014).

The Tea Trove

Tea Trove blended tea

Rishav successfully reinvented an age-old beverage and still continues to trailblaze with innovative variations of tea that have mass appeal, especially with the youth. Blends like Strawberry-Basil Green Tea can be served with Soda, as Iced Tea, or even as a Popsicle are With this avante-garde outlook, he is set out to capture the capital city with alcohol infused concoctions of tea!! Now that’s revolution at its helm.

So, Delhi , get set for this humble yet  unconventional experience, that will leave you spellbound by virtue of its extremely adventurous foray into the world of infused drinks. I know I am!

See you at The Tea Trove!

Head To:

Tea Trove

Modern Bazaar, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

Select City Walk, Saket, New Delhi

Order online at

Contact: 9330160950



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