The Rise of the Women Entrepreneur: Standing tall amidst established moulds

We commonly hear about ideas, debates and opinions that involve the role of women in our society. For sure in many cases, the patriarchal structure to this day finds it hard to accept their role outside the confines of a four walled existence. In an everyday existence we even come across words such as “exploitation” or “oppression” in regard to discussions, that hinge on both normal and mundane and in some cases- even toward constructive sides of the spectrum.

Often aligning with subtle pistol fires from our un-informed minds, we turn our backs to the other side of the picture.

Screenshot_2015-11-18-19-25-00_1447903293346But, shouldn’t one take time to fathom the very reasons behind the constant bickering about the “right” place of women in our society that not only dwells but, progresses on change? It’s time to perhaps attempt to see past the blaring vision that often surprises and mostly chides with questions such as- “Are they that”? “Do they have this”? “Why do they have that”? It has always been and maybe will always be a subject of matter and moot point!

So, for a healthy change, we will let the naysayers be. And instead of coming in way of their heavy-duty critiquing, we will address perhaps the most potent force of our time, that has shaped the “argument around women” with a hitherto less debated and understood light. What has enveloped women in an India set ablaze by rapid socio-economic change, from a Kanyakumari to Kashmir has been a very visible tide of Women led Entrepreneurship. They are initiators, challengers and the visionaries you and the world needs for generation and sustenance of growth. And it is heartening to note that they are leading a much needed change toward the usual constructs of arguments that often limit and in worse cases, question their potential.

The need of women entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is the leader and the manager of the place and area that is responsible and accountable for the growth of economy. An entrepreneur is someone who starts up a business as a leader, for his people, and as a manager, for himself. He creates and initiates a new beginning fundamentally for reasons of profit. He is the one who has the strength and power in mind to be very much accountable for all risks undertaken. Leading a path often charred by difficulties, in both economic and cultural aspects of our world, he breaks conventional mould to be empowered

What is a Woman entrepreneur and how is she breaking away from established moulds?
Implicit in the sense of the word is a need for active and free-thinking participation from both genders. They add evocative and nuanced colors to Entrepreneurship. A woman entrepreneur, therefore has no different or special definition but more often than not adds meaningful contours toward Entrepreneurship.
She is just like the other entrepreneurs who initiate and work. And, here lies the difference? A woman entrepreneur not only thinks business but adds creative contours to a concept that often limits free thinking and runs on pillars of profit alone, thus withering away the need for change.
Business that is loaded with gain. Therefore, whilst a woman entrepreneur functions to create profit, her instincts and ideas germinate from a canvass that doesn’t limit creativity or focus all attention toward profiting at all costs.

The DNA of a Women Entrepreneur

She is very confident and sure about her innovations. The Government of India states that women entrepreneurs are defined as owner of the enterprise that is controlled by women having a minimum financial interest of 51% of the capital. We can say in brief that a woman entrepreneur is your bundle of growth.

In a world where businesses thrive often on material and commercial bling where immediate profits conveniently outlive revolutionary ideas, the Women Entrepreneur is a seasoned thinker like her counterparts but doesn’t necessarily resort to programmed means of attaining profit that run parallel to PR, or the need to be “at top of everyone’s minds”.

She doesn’t wear this tag for her flashy parties but she actually generates ideas. Determines objectives. Creates and produces projects. She knows she has to be the best in the world that has this false image of weak her.

If we speak statistically then you would find that the count of start-up businesses in developed markets are launched mostly by men than women. But, hold your horses gentlemen. The same research lifts the veil over programmed pro- men narratives by stating that women as entrepreneurs are more capable entrepreneurs than their male counterparts. And, it isn’t us stating, but what is prescribed against prevailing bias as ably furnished by a study published on APR 20, 2015 by the Center Of Entrepreneur, with the support of Barclays Bank. The study says if there has is ever been an imbalance in the count of men and women in the business field, it would be better to have more women than men. And the same report reasons the point on the intellectual side stating the following findings:
1. Women are better calculated risk takers
2. Women are more ambitious than men.
3. Women rarely get overconfident.
4. Women have the tendency to take long term view.
5. Women succeed despite facing more barriers when compared to their male counterparts.

Does India need more women entrepreneur ?

It is no surprise that India is among the most robustly growing economies of the world. It is touching skies with the speed of light.
There are 30 percent women in the Indian corporate set up today which is quite higher in comparison to what the world together has as an average to offer which is just 24 percent, but these are stats, they can change. And yet, at the same time they invoke an understanding of the current trends and where winds are blowing.

Women control the vast and the most majority of the household spending. And this reason validates the reason to invest in them as leaders in India.

Women can target the nation in its entirety just by working for the good old common man (highlight this in bold when u publish, great point).Since they seem to have a clearer understanding toward the orientation of he who we call as a customer, in marketing terms.

Explaining every day rationales and using patience, grit and reasonable resolve, without indulging into the needless acts of commercial squandering, women are regarded as excellent sustainers. In this regard, they surely hold more gravitas and chances of holding on to an end of a spectrum whilst working their way toward garnering profits for business whilst balancing employee needs and morale.

A new wave of thinking seems to have emerged since the past decade and a half if you focus on to the West. There’s greater participation of Women toward Entrepreneurship, especially of those who hail from varied spectrums of the society. Let’s glare at the Africa’s. Let’s assert the enormous rise of women entrepreneurs in the liberal West. There’s a new visualization. We can have our very own Indian Coco Chanels creating marvels, for all you care. Women like Melinda Gates, Arianna Huffington and Lucy Peng in the West have steamed tremendous appreciation toward the analytical functioning of the female brain. That alone proves in first hand citation that having an analytical mind always helps an idea prosper. Isn’t that the sowing seed behind an Entrepreneurial idea?


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