We Do All The Things We Don’t Want Others To Do !!

Do unto others as you would not have others do unto you; this  is the new mantra in the Indian psyche! Some phrases and sayings stick in your head while many others are heard, appreciated and forgotten !!  Indeed , the original phrase, without not  , has stuck in my mind asTave many other meaningful ones! But alas!! The practice is different as with most of my fellow countrymen !

While waiting to take a right U turn  at a traffic signal, I was annoyed to see a car come from my left and take a U turn to the right while overtaking me all the way in the U. And this is just what I did next time I saw the traffic light turn green for my U turn!! I was pleased no end as I could now safely boast that I knew how to drive on Delhi roads!


But this is just the tip: the Iceberg is deep and wide and I have many a tale to tell of what we don’t want others to do but have no compunctions on doing ourselves:

We hate queues and hate those who breeze into the Bank without a care of the hapless crowd jostling with each other to reach the door and get in when the guard opens it a wee bit. But those who have breezed in are sitting with the manager and getting cash respectfully given to them. The next day I try the same without succeeding, but would gladly have breezed into the Bank had I been able to talk to someone I know.

Bank Queue

We talk in hushed tones of people who have easy money, but gladly say to traders “I don’t need a Bill”. In other words, we create what we hate.

Stuck in traffic for long hours, we keep  exclaiming : Uff.. this traffic !! We pretend we are not part of  the traffic  but a  unique creature who has been subjected to some grave conspiracy. And we park on the main road to get a packet of biscuits, completely oblivious to the traffic blockage we have created. Next time while passing from the same road a car is parked at the same spot and I yell at the driver :  cant you see the traffic being held up ?  We talk on cellphones but ridicule and shout at others who are doing so while driving and causing traffic disruptions.


The list is endless , while bargaining with small vendors, or using plastic bags indiscriminately or returning used purchases or being unfair to domestic help,or lie when we shouldn’t;  we do all the things we don’t want others to do or disapprove of in others. We advise our friends no end to let their children marry outside our community but when our children talk about it, we talk them out by listing all that is wrong with the community in question and  continuing with such undesirable alliances.

So help us God …life must not go on like this !


About Author

Sheelu Puri

an alumnus of MBE Delhi University, South Campus, graduation BA Eco(hons) from Lady Shri Ram College & schooling from Convent of Jesus & Mary, New Delhi. Sheelu Puri started her career as a lecturer in Delhi University colleges , but soon switched to the corporate sector and worked with the Apollo and Patriot groups in the field of marketing, exports and business development and climbed to decision making levels in a short span of time. Less than a decade later Sheelu Puri started her own venture in the field of projects as its business head since 1996 and is currently running Skyline Knowledge Centre at office near Galleria in Gurgaon.


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