The Muscle Man With A Diamond Heart From India – Salman Khan

Visualize a man , who calls himself a half Hindu and a half Muslim. A man with 17 inch bicep who is gaga about Archie. This man collects soaps and takes hours to bathe and brush. Meet the TENDON IKON of INDIA, Salman Khan.

salman khan with kidsHe is hackneyed for being the bad boy of Bollywood, who is kind, good humored and amiable. He is an adept painter, proficient tease and marvelous actor who started his never ending journey in 1988 as  Vicky Bhandari in Biwi Ho Toh Aisi. Ever since then, his hasn’t just been a checkered Bollywood career, but an era of sheer domination on the celluloid screen where through his stylish antics , controversial private life, signature and stellar romantic moves off the big screen. He is both hunted, lauded,  adored and admired like no other.


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What separates boys from men is not the irrational machismo alone especially here in Indian cinema where men are almost made to sway women over their burlesque frame and less timid and more muscular avatars, subtlety is often forgone expression. But not with our man, Salman! Here is a man you do not want to miss. Not for his sheepish but glorious smile, or for his daft but sweet sense of humor that he dons with ease in many a movie that he has single handedly  piloted to the box office splendor. In fact what makes Sal’man more than just an ordinary man or star is his heart.  Rather the space wherein it accommodates help and concern for hundreds of lives that are around the brave lad.

Many people know, many people don’t know and many people know and don’t know and ignore the gospel truth that Salman Khan is the gateway of social work when talking about Bollywood. From supporting cancer patients to donating his bone marrow, Salman Khan never turned his back towards the needy. He runs a very famous not for profit organization, Being Human, which was created by our ‘Dabangg’ star in 2007. His organization works in the domain of education and health care and raised many an eyebrow for its tireless work for the downtrodden in both local and international media, based of India. Many try to see and tag him as the ‘bad boy’  but when this bad boy offers his paintings in charity or paints a village or sponsors the treatment of a boy he spotted in a wheelchair, these people are left dumbfounded.



Salman Khan is one of the few people who was enlisted in People’s Magazine as one of the most handsome men alive, and we’ll that’s no surprise. His body is the cake for women and men as well. It won’t be weird if you see a 50 year old lady or a 15 year old girl ogling at his picture on a newspaper. India's sexiest man alive

He has a outre way of presenting himself. He is funny and serious. He has moves that are his. He is versatile, noteworthy and bizarre with his roles. He experiments and never fails. One moment he can be your Superman and the other moment his character will be all sensitive, full of emotions.

He is our own ‘Dabangg’ man and our next door Bajrangi Bhaijaan. 


Every star commands some facts that lie in the realm of the unknown, for both the media and fans. Salman, our charming debonair icon ain’t too different. We present you some facts that are hitherto less known. 

  1. Salman loves cars. He boasts of quite a startling personal collection. But usually he chooses to travel and commute everyday in a silver white Toyotal Lexus SUV, which he seldom drives himself.
  2. He rejected being the ‘Baazigar’ star (a role that went to Shah Rukh’s kitty)  because it was too negative for his taste.
  3. He is a great swimmer and almost represented India, at a prominent state level.
  4. He suffers from Trigeminal Neuralgia, a painful neuro condition which leaves an individual reeling under immense pain. Not many know that his super hit Ek Tha Tiger, an Indi Spy flick shot in the exotic locale of Middle East was done by an uncomplaining Salman, who despite suffering from the condition at its peak refused to budge under pressure.

He wanted to be a writer and at the beginning of his career even attempted to make a living as a cricketer.


Salman’s love life has always been the hot topic in media. He falls in love and falls hard. He is possessive about his girlfriends and many find it odd. His affairs almost reach the last stair of the staircase of love, that is marriage. But things somehow never turn out good.

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From Sangeeta Bijlaani to Lulia Vantur, he has always dated exotic beauties and cringed hearts of many a dashing babe’s out there. 

It is isn’t a surprise that he is the most misunderstood soul that there is in our film industry. If he reacts, his reactions are genuine and when he doesn’t- the tabloids run after him for quotations and citations. Our Sallu, as he is popularly nicknamed, not only balances a not such a devial reputation of being a brat (a media incarnation accorded to the superstar) and being the ultimate family guy who loves his portion of Biryani. He also reaches out to the common man and the needy not just in their dire straits but at times completely unexpected. His kind and caring personality often thwarts the unwanted media battering that his star like aura receives mostly for no fault of his own. His personality has got this simple and compassionate side which is hard to find in today’s glossy headline dominated industry when you are famous and stars have such fame and money that they could hardly care. 

Our hearts will always sing the ‘Dabangg’  beats that ‘Kick’  the tempo and say ‘Pyaar Kia Toh Darna Kiya’


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