The electrifying charm of being Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has just turned 35. The date is 21st October and Los Angeles born demi-goddess of grand style and magnanimous fashion statement really couldn’t give a darn. In a world where measurements are everything and hold perhaps just as much value as a celebrity’s bank balance, Kim Kardashian has pretty much done everything to break conventional norms associated with the word beauty.

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Beauty, isn’t after all some random six letter word for Kardashian who had already made 10 Million as of 2010. It is an outright determiner of divine providence as far as her cult status in an America, forever hungry for celebs is concerned. She isn’t just popular, but has literally become one of the shining examples of popular culture. Wherever Kim goes, her hounding fans chase her. Her cult status as one of America’s premier style icons known for her glitzy fashion statements and a rather overwhelmingly opulent sense of brand worship feeds on the celeb-hungry palate of fans and admirers who leave no stone un-turned and no brand untried in their emulation of the diva.

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L.A. born beauty Kim Kardashian is now on the cusp of conquering the globe as far as her sophisticated style of fashion is concerned. Her popular appearances in renowned TV talk shows such as David Letterman’s in 2009 and Jay Leno’s 2013, came at the height of her fame following rumors of her on and off relationship with current husband, popular rap artist Kanye West. It certainly helped her way to find more scorching celebrity dominated headlines that added more teeth in affirming her status as one of the most followed celebs of all time.

Emerging strong in life despite hardships

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Women have always had a hard task cut out for them. It isn’t easy being one, regardless of who you are and which part of the world you come from. Kim Kardashian the popular American trendsetter in her mid thirty’s has had quite a tough life herself as opposed to contrary belief that often shadows her personal pain and tragedies that blanket her glamorous life.
From having lost her father to a bitter battle with cancer from which he could never recuperate to finding her personal life in doldrums following mom, Kris Jenner’s(59) marriage to the then man and now woman Catlyn Jenner, Kim has battled courtroom dramas, numerous volatile romantic entanglements and a number of controversial engagements with celebrity stylists, paparazzo’s and media channels.

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The Kim Kardashian that we see as an ever shining light emanating gold-rush wherever she goes and whichever channels and popular media she tinkers to cause thunderous ripples once eloped with her lover aged only 19. Little did Kim know then about what her heart desired or what she wanted from life. Mother’s lack of attention in bringing Kim up in a busy family where she singlehandedly raised two other daughters, Kourtney and Khloe, also mega celebs in their own right meant that Kim was to tread often on a lonely road. But not only did the luscious beauty learn a great deal about life and its hardships, perhaps one could say she has made the most of her life given the resources and finances available at her disposal, neither of which were ever in depletion.

An iconic Diva

From showing her derriere in many a celebrity fashion magazines in a carefree manner to jotting down an exclusive Kardashian family autobiography along with elder sister Kourtney and younger sis Khloe, Kim the girl behind the famous image is quite an enterprising and bright young woman in her private life.

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An intelligent girl well spoken and one who surely can both carry and jiggle her astronomically appealing figure, Kim Kardashian has even lent an interesting hand in developing and marketing various fashion brands and cosmetic products in a globe-trotting fashion industry that is only growing as we speak. Back in 2009, the girl who first shot to worldwide attention being one of Paris Hilton’s rich socialite friends launched the Los Angeles based “Famous cupcakes”. Her presence whilst launching its iconic Va-Va-Va-Nilla flavor made shutterbugs look elsewhere from the patisserie and creamy desserts.

Kim Kardashian, at the height of her fame in 2010 became the popular celebrity judge and mentor of a popular Public Relations Show titled “The Spin Crowd”, based on a revered image consulting firm in New York city catapulted her to the attention of celebrated American media powerhouse “E”! She was to later launch a cosmetic store in company of her talented sisters in Las Vegas in Nevada where Kim’s electrifying presence only increased an already soaring mercury in the city known for sexual entourages and notoriety.
With the launch of a popular London based clothing range by the Kardashian sister trio, titled “Kardashian Kollection” post 2011, Kim further attracted the attention of shutterbugs and celebrity stylists who noticed that amongst them was not some fame hungry crazed diva but a style icon who pretty much walked the talk as far as increasing the barometer of style and making renewed fashion statements was concerned.

The Queen of Social media

With the rise and rise of social media, the dynamics of communication between fans and celebrities has changed. Mostly, for the better. Making great use of the media that is here to stay, Kim Kardashian, ever aware of the long lasting benefits of boasting a legion of fans across popular mediums such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ensures that her fans can take a dope, not in the literal sense of their favorite celebrity.

While she parties as Liquid in Vegas or at the most expensive night clubs in London to rollicking freely in the sandy beaches of Hawaii, Bahamas and Barbados, fans follow her casual moves. Even as she spends her time selecting the most excruciatingly priced branded outfits and fashion labels from trendy hotspots on sunset boulevard or New Mexico, her tweets and instagram feeds update the world what a certain Kimberly Noel Kardashian, is up to.
Rising from obscurity in a family that had money but no fame, Kim, thanks to her ever enterprising self, svelte hot personality and that famous “behind” has literally walked in front of the media as it trails behind. As most constantly wonder what Kim’s next move on social media would be, the princess of cool and the queen of swagger has amassed a princely fortune of 53 million USD as on 2015. Way to go Kim K 😉


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