Yuvraj Singh

August 13, 2017

Dev Tyagi

'Where is my turban?' Where is your brain?

Santa Singh: Hey Banta, do you know when the Battle of Plassey was fought? Banta Singh: No. San

April 4, 2018

Dev Tyagi

How do 2018 IPL teams stack up against each other on strengths, weaknesses, key players?

Perhaps the most anticipated cricketing fest of the entire sporting calendar is here. Few tourn

April 5, 2018

Dev Tyagi

Finest Indian Talents Who'll be making their debut in IPL 2018

The IPL might be about the potential match-winning combinations that bring the exuberance of yo

June 12, 2019

Dev Tyagi

Here's One More For Yuvi... The Eternal Six Machine Of India!

Among the biggest mysteries of the whole wide world, ranging from who did 9/11 to the Bermuda T