September 30, 2016

Dev Tyagi

Monica Bellucci- The Eternal Fragrance of Beauty

The word ‘beauty’ has more than an electrifying effect. More than what paparazzi fe

August 18, 2017

Dev Tyagi

Phone-etic talks about our lives and our smartphones

Have you ever come across the word “Obsession”. Well, most certainly you have. In n

November 15, 2015

Dev Tyagi

The Life of Germany's brave Knight: Erwin Rommel

Chivalry isn’t dead. How can it be, when Men, who have always paved way for celebration of this

November 25, 2015

Dev Tyagi

When I was little: how Life houses fun but changes

When I was little, my world was totally different than what most, in fact all, of my friends ha

November 23, 2016


Some Amazing Festivals to end 2016 on a high note!

Sunburn Festival 2016 Held in December since last 9 years, Sunburn is a perfect haven for those

January 15, 2017

Adarsh Gill Brar

Bigg Boss Season 10 - Who Will Be The Winner

Bigg Boss 10 house has been full of challenges, mystery, enigma and combat between the particip

April 13, 2018

Dipti Datta

Leap Pro Sports announces the first ever semi-professional league in India

Another premier League? No, this one takes the onus of creating avenues for ardent players to p

August 13, 2019

Vishal Pandey

Are You Ready For FitCreed- 2nd Edition? Bigger, Better, Brisker!

If fitness is your religion, and enthusiasm your middle name, get enrolled for FitCreed…

November 22, 2018

Vishal Pandey

Winter Experiences In India To Make You Fall In Love With Winters

There is a certain sense of joyfulness that comes along with winter. And, if you are someone wh

November 27, 2018

Vishal Pandey

Here's How A Phone Call Landed Me To Rann Utsav

It’s 2016: The winter sunlight is falling straight onto the pages of a travel magazine wh

December 5, 2018

Dipti Datta

The World's Oldest Youtuber Mastanamma Leaves Her Culinary Trail Behind

In an age when it takes a click to become a Youtube sensation, here is the story of the world&#

March 14, 2019

Dev Tyagi

War, deaths, chaos, hate, love, peace- what's up, India; hey Pakistan!!

When a guest knocks on the door of your house, regardless of whether one’s invited or unexpecte

October 4, 2019

Guest Blogger

NBA In My Backyard, Welcome India's First-Ever NBA Match

NBA has the largest fanbase among the youth, Basketball is very underrated when it comes to spo

November 13, 2019

Dipti Datta

Are You Brand Conscious? Then These Luxurious Malls In India Are For You

Luxury is what luxury sells! Well, if that is to be believed, India isn’t short of it. With the

January 23, 2020

Dipti Datta

Cultural Fests In India To Get You Exploring, Right From January Till December

Awe-striking, jaw-dropping, fascinating, prodigious or simply… amazing, call it what you