August 31, 2015

Dev Tyagi

The Enigmatic Life of Princess Diana

There is always some sort of enigma attached to the Royal families, no matter where they belong

June 17, 2017


People and Love -- What to Expect ??

What to expect from your loved ones!? The question is so old and nevertheless current. If you c

July 1, 2018

Dev Tyagi

Laugh Out Loud: The importance of smiling

The relationship between a smile and seriousness is always inversely proportionate. The more se

September 1, 2015

Dev Tyagi

A Tribute to Keanu Reeves

Every star out there on the pompous and highly celebrated galaxy has bevy of fans and critics a

September 4, 2015

Dev Tyagi

Nijay Nair: Rising above the odds and leaving an imprint of wisdom & courage

We all lead extremely busy and chaotic lives. Our lives are fast becoming like that jazzy Power

September 9, 2017

Dev Tyagi

The cult of Hugh Grant's suave charm and Akshay Kumar's worldwide appeal

What do stars do on their birthdays? For sure, they cannot afford the easy-going, out of the ru

September 10, 2017

Dev Tyagi

Revisiting the tragic events of September 9/11 attacks of 2001

Often in the case of visiting the alley of History, there are certain dates and timelines that

September 16, 2015

Dev Tyagi

Prime Minister Modi: amidst challenges and positives

An India amidst glorious transition albeit hit by many evils India finds itself at an interest

September 21, 2015

Aneesha Chawla

The king of Caribbean cool from the West Indies: Chris Gayle

In an era where international fast bowlers are ruling with aplomb, matching the attacking explo

October 10, 2017

Dev Tyagi

The confusion and charm of being an Indian in India

Whether you are a tourist or a local from within, there is no denying the importance, prevalenc

October 19, 2015

Dev Tyagi

Damn! Don't you just love Van Damme

William Shakespeare famously said,” all the world is a stage and we are mere actors”

October 28, 2018

Dev Tyagi

Lighting a different bulb this Diwali

So the festival of lights has arrived. Everyone is excited as they should be. There’s sparkle,

November 18, 2015

Dev Tyagi

All the World's a stage and DeVito is laughing on it

Hollywood’s wise old funny man It’s November the 17. Danny DeVito has just turned 7

November 27, 2015

Dev Tyagi

Wisdom from the Dragon: Bruce Lee's gems

Most of the people remember him as someone who destroyed his opponents with ecstatic ease, both

January 5, 2016

Dev Tyagi

Hipsters of the world unite! Wait, are you being sarcastic?

Let’s play a little quiz. You need to find a word. That’s about it. It starts with letter

January 11, 2016

Dev Tyagi

Ain't no mountain high: the magnanimous reach of Hrithik Roshan

Legendary Martial Artist Bruce Lee said,”the word star is an illusion”. He stated h

March 9, 2016

Dev Tyagi

In defense of Leonardo, despite the glory

Who wouldn’t agree that perhaps the most relaxed man in the United States at the moment i

February 7, 2020

Dev Tyagi

Why there should be no Valentine's day?

All the talk everywhere is about love. Isn’t it? It is such an irreplaceable part of our

March 24, 2016

Dev Tyagi

The invincibility of Ayrton Senna

Victory is a potent word, almost an aphrodisiac for living and cherishing the ‘great̵

April 21, 2018

Siddharth Nandi

Fun ways to host a perfect T-20 Cricket party at home

India lives and breathes cricket – be it swashbuckling international match-ups, to domestic cri

May 11, 2017

Dev Tyagi

Most famous Indian celebrities on social media

Social Media is the big reality of our lives today. It doesn’t matter, whether you lead a

July 27, 2018

Dev Tyagi

The 7 kinds of Monsoon you can enjoy during this season

Hello Monsoons. There are dark clouds roaring up in the sky. There’s a tinge of nostalgia

September 18, 2019

Manasi Raina

Tarot Fortune, September 15th - October 15th, 2019 By Manasi Raina

Ancient and Mystic Tarot Wisdom has the power to be your guiding light for your love life, your

August 16, 2017

Siddharth Nandi

The World's Most Unusual Food Trends !!

To say that the many different food trends across the world are unusual and drop-dead weird wou