Plug out if you’re plugged in!

There was nothing unusual about the day; work at office, a crowded metro ride, fight with the auto wala and finally, home!

I was least looking forward to anyone at home. I ate dinner in silence and got glued to the iPad. My mother kept complaining how I pay no heed to the household chores and how I had stopped spending time with family. There was something in the air I wondered for I was so alienated and estranged from my own people. Meanwhile, my Facebook account kept popping multiple notifications and they were a few pinging for a chat.


A river of news feed was flowing in front of me. Seemed like, everyone was playing the replay to show the best of them online.  Yawning and scrolling down the facebook homepage a video update caught my attention. There are times when in order to be social, people try to use edgy and quirky words to grab the audience’s attention lest the information joins the mainstream. But I was keen, keen on taking this ‘everybody must watch this video’ and I went ahead.

My preparedness to catch a goodnight sleep took a quick exit and I sat up still. I seemed to have got a lot of answers. I had clarity about my irritable behavior patterns. Despite going social each and every day I had drawn a line when it came to meeting people face to face. Virtual addiction does take you away from your real world.  Our phone has become an inseparable entity which is not at all a good sign.

The video described how we had become a generation of idiots, forgotten to ‘look-up’ and speak to those around us. We’re cool with sending a text message to our mother than making a phone call. Daddy would be in the next room of the same house but the interaction mode is ‘What’s app’.

Let’s take Gurgaon as a case study. The minute the crowd barges into the metro, there is a juggle to get grab the corner seats, a discomfort to sort of share the space. What next? Most of the people ‘plug-in’ and get transferred into their virtual world. Each individual gets comfortable in his/her bubble. Restaurants, cafes, bars are the cool ‘Wi-Fi’ zones. I think a Wi-fi zone is a no talking zone. And wait, if someone happens to be talking to their companion in a café there is a tendency they get an annoying look from those who are taking the pleasure of connectedness with a world that does not exist.

look-up-in-life plug out

 Look up- there’s a world in front of you,

Look up , there is a lot beyond that screen,

Share the feeling, not an update,

Like a person, not a page

Comment for real not for the virtual.

Whose brownie points are we earning in that world which is a sham?

Let’s begin with uniting Gurgaon-ites for real and trash the virtual for a few hours. Plug Out- Keep that cell phone at home, take a walk, look around and enjoy the moment. You’ll only get closer to your near ones-feel the difference!


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