Dipti Datta

Cracker Of A Diwali……No More!

October 12, 2018

When the government takes a step towards righteousness, what do we do? We protest, we defy and leave no stone unturned to be the tantrum throwing brigade! The Supreme Court ban on the sale of crackers in Delhi NCR, which came through on the 9th of October 2017, till the 1st of November, has been criticised and fought against by a huge section of Delhi ites, an epic verdict that saw  the country divided in opinions. cracker ban Weighing the pros and cons of the ban can be a catch 22 situation here by virtue of the fixed mindsets of people to celebrate Diwali 'dhoom dhaam se'. Why i wasn't surprised when discussing the step at an all girls' coffee morning, i heard a spate of whiney protests from seemingly well-standing women, as to how boring and quiet Diwali is slated to be owing to the short noticed ban, some even vouching proudly that the husbands have by-lane ways to get the 'patakhe' to the enthusiastic toddler at home whose excitement stems from the parents' hysteria. While i started my emphatic speech (or so i thought) on how the ban is a great step, the eyebrows raised stopped me short. cracker ban Though I, a perennial cribber of lack of reforms in our country, was now a spokesperson for the ban, condoning it with all my might,  the ban on 'SALE' and not on 'USAGE' is what has ruffled my feathers. As my friend was convinced of her husband's resourceful prowess, so are many others who have ways and means to get to their favourite 'Ladis'. Smuggling these much loved cracker of pieces (pun intended) by the resourceful brigade is not a far cry either. cracker ban The ludicrity of the situation is that a simple reforming step to curb the anticipated post-Diwali pollution level is in the blink of an eye converted into an anti-Hindu conspiracy....going as far as blaming the authorities for hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus....gobsmacking ! Hindus are now the 'victim' for being disallowed purchase of crackers! Pseudo Hinduism at its best!  Pardon the sarcasm but, A 'cracker' and shut case, is it? [caption id="attachment_8131" align="aligncenter" width="654"]cracker ban Delhi 2016, the day after Diwali[/caption] Getting to the economics of it, since the order was announced just about 10 days prior to the festival, the firecracker industry's monetary loss is slated to hit 1000 crores, owing to the already stocked piles of crackers the sellers were counting on. Corresponding to the pollution levels. that much of cracker stock entails) Well, here is where an eyebrow or two could be raised!  At the risk of sounding cliche, i,as vociferously as i can.stand against anything that threatens the health of our kids, and life in general, Throwback to last year's post Diwali smog engulfed Delhi.....are you willing to live through an encore? I rest my case. A Happy and cracker free Diwali to you...yay or nay?

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