Eat Home Cooked Food & Stay Healthy! Download the SUPERGAS LPG App & Get Instant New Gas Connection

Lost track of days? Cooking gas exhausted? It’s going to take 2 days to get a replenished one delivered, and hell is going to break loose! But since, nothing works like home cooked  healthy food, what do you do? Stress no more! SUPERGAS LPG is the new age gas connection that won’t deprive you of a warm home meal, any day. 


SUPERGAS is the quickest means to an efficient, timely, on the spot connection, with a focus on safety .

The Need of the Hour – SUPERGAS!


SUPERGAS has transformed the Indian LPG sector and journeyed ahead to become a leading LPG player across customer segments including Industrial, Commercial, and Auto LPG! If you are still in a dilemma, here are a few reasons why you should switch to SUPERGAS-

• SUPERGAS LPG App is the quickest way to a healthy eating lifestyle. Download the app from Play Store or Iphone Apple Store and heave a sigh of relief for ordering a new connection or a refill cylinder.

• SUPERGAS, now offers you a complete solution where in you can choose your LPG cylinder from 12Kg, 4Kg & 2Kg pack size to suit your requirement and convenience. 


• You get on-spot LPG connection with just a photo ID ; no hassles of too many documentation.

• You have the assurance of cylinder safety, prompt delivery and optimized cost. 

• No more cost worries as SUPERGAS offers a full refund on the deposit in case of termination.

• A wide network of Franchisees and Filling plants, depots at strategic locations ensure uninterrupted, quick and timely delivery of LPG – key factors that have helped them to earn the trust of their customers. 


• SUPERGAS LPG is of straight run quality thus ensuring higher fuel  efficiency and lower  fuel and maintenance costs for burners, ovens and furnaces.

• Safety has always been a high priority and of paramount importance at SUPERGAS. Safety has been integrated into every aspect of their business; encompassing their employees, customers, partners and the general public.



They are a Dutch MNC and the Global LPG leader with operation in 4 continents and more than 22 countries. They are  the only  private LPG player with pan India presence. Owing to SUPERGAS financial strength and commitment to technical excellence, safety, vast franchisee network and high customer service standards, they have consistently been the recipient of CRISIL Rating No.1 since beginning (1996).

Many commercial establishments like hotels, restaurants, catering agencies, bakeries, resorts, clubs, cafes, sweet shops, canteens and others prefer SUPERGAS for their prompt service, assured LPG quality, quantity and timely delivery.


Global technical expertise and local experience in converting other fuels to LPG, have helped them to become the  leading LPG service provider in Industrial segment offering total solution packages,  installation and maintenance, guidance on safety management and prompt delivery of LPG on time, every time.

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