The Ultimate Summer Food Guide

With the blazing sun and the temperature rising up by the day it is essential to revamp our diet. During summer one’s immunity goes down and one is more prone to diseases related to the stomach. You need to watch out for the amount of water consumed each day and definitely the source from which you are having it. Water is a big factor for weight-watchers and your metabolism is controlled by it too. The sensitive tummy surely needs to follow these, to be an elated one this scorching season.

Small Portions

summer food guide

During winters we are lazy, but our digestive system is at its active best. We digest quite fast, can eat big and heavy meals and ofcourse feel hungry often in a day. Eat small meals in summer, like a salad, a plate of fruits and a smaller quantity in main course. Keep your stomach light and space enough to hydrate yourself every now and then. If you feel, you can eat more meals, maybe in every 2 hours.

Fresh food (Salad)

summer food guide

Focus on eating fresh food, especially salads. Salads are fulfilling, keep the body temperature in control and the digestive enzymes feeling happy. In summer, salad is a must to be included in one’s appetite. Try

Tomato Mozarella salad with chilled tomato slices and mozzarella along with some pepper sprinkled on it. Or Som Tam (Raw Papaya) Salad with a garnish of peanuts (Thai style) or a Caesar sald with chilled lettuce. Another variant is a Cold Pasta Salad with cherry tomatoes. One of the summer favourite salads is a combo of Watermelon, rocket leaves and feta cheese.

Fruits, Juices & Smoothies

summer food guide

Ditch the syrupy drinks this summer and go for fresh fruit juices and smoothies.  Not only are they healthier for your body, they are the one’s to act cool on your body. Try a combination of fruits or just go for a single one; it’s ought to keep you calm and composed.

For fruits – Make a rainbow fruit salad- taking different kinds in one big platter and consume it before stepping out and you’ll see them work their magic internally while you are walking down the street in your sunnies. If you’re outside, grab a fruit salad instead of a fried snack and you are sure to keep the guilt at bay.  Enjoy melon, watermelon, mangoes and cherry as the mains of summer.

Juices & Smoothies – You can go for a juice during a mid meal and replace dinner or your evening snack with a smoothie. While your body is worn out with the full day fatigue, a smoothie is sure to kick start your system and energise you to prep up for the next day.

Eat Raw

summer food guide

As they rightly say ‘Eat for the body you want, not for the body you have’. To stay fit and healthy, eat as much raw food as you can. Have sprouts, avocado on toast, tomato bruschetta, a plate full of cucumbers. Celery, lettuce, and anything raw you can get your hands on. Add something raw to the cooked, or processed. That way you can balance your meal out and keep a calorie count.

Milk in its coolest form -Yoghurt or Shakes

summer food guide

A rich source in calcium and literally something that cools everything down – is yoghurt.  Have a bowl full, or add some toppings like a spoon full of pomegranate, chopped onions and tomatoes or a spoon of muesli/oats/ granola. Make it into buttermilk, and have it  keep your body feeling energetic and not parched even when it crosses 40 degrees. You can also try fresh fruit yoghurt if you’re too picky or you wish to turn your yoghurt into dessert.

If yoghurt is not your thing, shake it up. Try papaya and some milk, and prepare a fresh papaya shake. Same can be done with melon, chikoo or even mango to make it a wholesome meal yet giving your tastebuds utmost importance.

Chilled drinks   

summer food guide

If your list of chilled drinks, starts with colas and flavoured water, this time live summer differently.  Include atleast 4 cold drinks in your day, be it bel ka sharbat, barley water, aam panna or the not-so-popular Kokum cooler.  Enjoy a cup of freshly made infused ice tea available in various flavours now. 

If you wish to really do it the healthy way, enjoy a cup of chilled soup – in the form of Gazpacho or Vichyssoise. Keep it simple with infused water – you can make it in a jug or a bottle with a wide mouth using any combination of fruits – kiwis, lemon, mint or create your own.

Dips and Gravies

summer food guide

We’ve lived the winter through with portions of fried veggies, saucy appetizers, heavy curry’s and breads. Keep it easy breezy, while you sit under a fan with a portion of guacamole with bread. Not only is it satiating, it also is a total winner when it comes to temperature control.

You can also add lots of veggies to a cold salsa, or use the veggies to prepare a basil pesto or versions of the Hummus.

Put these all together with your own version of mezze platter and you know its a rockstar on your dining table!



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