Subway Sauces That Keep You Diggin’ In Your Sub

I assume that most of us have had a “Subway” sandwich sometime in their lives. The humble “Subway” or rather submarine sandwich (since it looks like a nuclear submarine with the launch codes for your lunchtime meal) was the name given to this sandwich in the United States. It basically consists of a long bread roll, filled with a variety of meats and vegetables; topped with a variety of sauces. Though the sandwich has a standardized name, it has no standardized ingredients; meaning anything and everything you put on it could potentially be a trendsetter. We, however, are going to discuss the sauces that  make our local “Subway” such a frequented place.

The normal trend at these shops is to offer nine varieties of sauces. Some which are the same at all shops; some which are specific by country and some which are specific to a shop itself. I’m sure you’re also tired of waiting; so let us start the list:-


subway sauces
The most common sandwich sauce, a cold emulsion sauce, very similar to the mother sauce Hollandaise. This sauce is very simple and offer a creaminess to your sandwich with a little bit of tartness in taste.

Mint Mayonnaise

subway sauces
A more or less customized sauce for the Indian palate, the mixture of our good old “haari chutney” (without dahi, of course) in mayonnaise. Its one of the most used sauces at “Subway” as we were told when we asked the staff there. They in fact said they go through nearly 5 litres of it in a day. Someone is really enjoying their “Chutnnaise”


subway sauces
One of the most common sauces used in sandwiches as it adds a mild heat to the sandwich. It usually pairs very well with cold meats and cottage cheese; since it adds an extra layer of flavor to it.

Honey Mustard

subway sauces
As the name suggests its an amalgamation of Honey and Mustard usually in an equal ratio. It adds some sweetness to the heat in mustard. Made famous in United Kingdom as it was first used as an accompaniment to lamb cutlets. Leftovers of said cutlet were usually made into a sandwich the following day and the honey mustard glaze was used to counter the dryness of the sandwich.

Sweet Onion

subway sauces
A fairly new sauce in the range introduced. It’s completely true to its name, offering sweet notes to the normal onion sauces out there. The onions add an earthiness to the sauces and are complemented very well by the sweetness of sauce base.

Southwest Sauce

subway sauces
Originally starting off as a dipping sauce for deep fried foods in the United States; it soon became a fan favourite topping for everything. From salads to sandwiches. A twist on the normal cocktail sauce, the cayenne pepper and oregano really make this sauce shine.

Barbeque Sauce

subway sauces
A tomato based sauce that contains additives to make it compliment cold cuts. The additives in it are onion, vinegar, mustard, black pepper and sometimes molasses. Its sweetness tend to complement cold cuts which tend to be very linear in their flavor tones.

Harissa Sauce

subway sauces
A hot chili paste made famous in Tunisia, North Africa. It has been one of the go to sandwich sauces; adding a great level of heat and fruitiness as the chili used tend to have a varied depth in terms of flavor notes apart from the eat. Its ability to pair with both vegetarian and non vegetarian items is what makes it so special.

Red Chili Sauce

subway sauces
It is as plain as it sounds, but becomes very exciting when layered into a sandwich. Personally, I enjoy heat, so this is the first sauce I add into my sandwiches; and considering it has zero calories, it is definitely one of the healthier sauces for you.

So there you have it, next time you go get a “Subway” sandwich, now you will know what sauces you want and how much of each you want.




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