What’s the height of being stupidly adventurous? Try the Kiki challenge, regret later

There are easier, less painful ways to destroy or amuse yourself!  Hear any pretentious desi dude or babe fake a foreign accent, try to find a logical explanation to the pout, ask people who’ve done the ALS ice-bucket challenge to spell ALS for you or argue with soccer fan about Messi not being the best!

“There are other ways to break your bones, not just with the Kiki challenge! Just saying, you know!”

Kiki Challenge

Fictional movie legend, Forrest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does.” But even Gump managed to do extraordinary feats. He jumped into the ocean, did some fisheries business, joined the American army, became a “Ping Pong” champion, met Lyndon B.Johnson, danced with Elvis and did pretty much extraordinary feats. At all this time, he was a slow learner and not your average genius who could solve math problems with ease. But even a fictional character of that calibre wouldn’t have attempted anything as stupid as to jump out of a moving car to do some dance step and then, jump back in.

Taking a leaf from popular culture, it might make sense to suggest even Michael Jackson, whose feet movement was the speed of Ferrari in music videos wouldn’t have attempted something as Kiki Challenge.

Truth be told, it looks awesome but is utterly stupid. The Kiki challenge is more stupid and lame than wearing bell-bottoms or keeping Elvis-styled locks in today’s times. Just why on earth would you climb out of a car in motion, break into a dance movement, elaborate it a bit and then attempt to claw back into the waggon, perhaps only to fall on your face?

That’s Kiki Challenge for you. It’s one of the not so cool ways in which to ensure the Doc’s get paid for attending you when there was no need. It’s the light that isn’t at the end of the tunnel. Guess what- you create this tunnel of darkness.

And if you are attempting to participate in the Kiki Challenge or are about to get into the ‘act’ then it might be a good idea to ring up the lunatic asylum closer to your place or get your IQ level checked first.

Surely, Tom Hanks’ Forrest Gump or Salman Khan’s Tubelight characters that were terribly low on the IQ scale wouldn’t have made the mistake of attempting the Kiki Challenge. Who wishes to hold his wisdom tooth in the hand, after all? Well, unless you are a ‘chapter’ or a character fitting Hitchcock’s Psycho?

Kiki Challenge

But that told, believe it or not, the Kiki Challenge has taken the world by a storm. It’s all over the place. It’s viral like a Kim Kardashian pout and it’s spreading contagiously. Well, stupidity and dull-headedness, is free of cost, after all.

On a serious note, the Kiki challenge too has arguably emerged from the US, as have other farcical and shallow stunts and meaningless fallacies. But is now spreading all over India.

Popular rapper Drake, whose number- In My Feelings- was perhaps taken absolutely out of context, the lyrics saying nothing in connection to evoke the ‘dance challenge’ is credited with birthing the Kiki Challenge. To that end, Drake’s song has a catchy tune and a groovy beat and that’s about it. Nothing that the singer has done or said urges any human mammal to try the daring stunt.

It wasn’t until famous Insta comedian Shiggy began dancing to the Drake number in his own absurdly comical way that the song snowballed into being a viral sensation.

From thereon, in the last month or so, few countries are untouched by the sheer mindless spectacle of people attempting to dance out of a moving car and then suddenly trying to jump in- akin to Shiggy- who pulled off the freak move in his video.

What’s this led to is that it has caused endless injuries, failed attempts, a few set of weirdly moving hips and, even a death toll- would you believe it?

Kiki challengeThe latest casualty of the sickly stupid Kiki Challenge is a youngster who passed away in India’s famous Pink city Jaipur. Well, relax. That is what an ad campaign concocted to put some sense into the otherwise senseless youth has in for everyone. Check this thoughtful social-awareness campaign and then ask yourself- why on earth should anyone do something so horribly dumb as to make the government spend money on a ‘well-being campaign.’

Common sense, regardless of it being uncommon, is free.


Just hours back, an aunty in India- you know the ones who begin dancing even before a favourite Bollywood number is played- successfully attempted a sedately zombie version of the Kiki challenge. Well, that’s the only way I could describe it. What was the dark shade doing with a Team India-coloured Blue Salwar- Sherlock would die solving! The only living soul that the aunty’s voluptuous Kiki Challenge dance would’ve successfully seduced would be that Mummy buried in some Egyptian pyramid.

What this honestly did was that it irked up the Vadodara police about what might have happened had the dance gone out of hand?

On a serious note, successful West Indian T20 cricketer Kesrick Williams, who, just the other day clinched a match-winning 4-for against Bangladesh pulled off a sensational Kiki Challenge move. Not that it was needed. He’s a talented cricketer and someone World T20 and Windies would need dearly. Why would a well-informed man do something so off limits?

Also, a man from Kochi, in India, shown in the Kiki Challenge got ‘panic calls’ from relatives and friends.

So basically, the big deal is this. You’ve got a brain and limbs too. Use it wisely. If you want to expose your sweltering midriff or your family pack that are ‘6 packs in the making’ then do it inside a dance studio or in a party. Do it outside India’s parliament for all you care but don’t attempt such an exasperating and idiotic stunt jumping out of a car and then jumping inside it.

The human skull hasn’t yet reached a stage where it can withstand a shock collision with metal scrap or iron cast on a vehicle. Please try to be sensible. Do not attempt attaining Nirvana albeit through such a painful way.



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