The ‘How’ Of Studying GK For Entrance Exams

March is the time of the year when most class 12 students across the length and breadth of India, are giving their Board exams. The entire year and perhaps longer, goes into ensuring this exam is a grand success. Yet, for many students these days that is just the start. Immediately after the boards, are scheduled all the entrance exams in the country.

While the Engineering and Medical prelims are mainly held in April, the Law, Management, Hospitality, Journalism and few other papers are mainly held in May, June or even later. This gives students some  respite as they need to prepare for these aptitude tests which are totally different in character from the CBSE or state board exams. And one subject that is almost universally common to all these papers is General Knowledge (GK).

GK is considered by many as the toughest nut to crack in these exams. The fear is that anything and everything could be asked, and a lot is random. Difficult yes, but random… GK definitely isn’t. There is a clear methodology just as there is for every other. GK can broadly be divided into 2 classifications- Static and Current. Let us see, how to prepare for these:

Static GK

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As the name suggests, this includes a combination of topics which will never change or unlikely to. The topics within Static GK are – History, Geography, Indian Polity, Economy, General Science and Miscellaneous. In recent years, static questions have appeared relatively fewer in the major exams, but students cannot take this category lightly. There are several good books in the market, but best is the Pearson Concise edition. Manorama, Universal and Arihant are some other really good ones.

Current Affairs

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This has been the most popular part quizzed last few years. For this, anyone with a good newspaper reading habit, will have an edge. Understandably, newspaper reading often goes for a toss in class 12. In case students do not have a reading habit, it may not be advisable to do now for a 2-month period. This is because a lot of the question papers already get compiled by April. This is especially true for the offline ones. So, students may instead opt for various compendiums which give a compilation of topics on monthly basis.

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Coaching institutes such as Career Launcher or CLAT Possible have very good online material. Otherwise there are some free-to-use websites which are extremely useful. The best of them is Students may even refer to monthly magazines such as Competition Success  or Pratyogita Darpan.

To master GK, adequate testing is of prime importance. So online tests need to attempted frequently by the students. The coaching institutes as well as the free-to-use websites all have their own tests. Besides, a very good platform for such testing is the website or app of TCY Online. The greater the pool of comparison, better will be the idea students will get at this stage. Indeed, there is little to fear in GK!

So, kids….Fear not! There is a way to get around it! 


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