Female Characters That Left An Impact On The Viewers

The year 2018 saw some great movies & shows with great Female roles that left us spellbound and we couldn’t be happier. Small things like these actually leave a big impact on the generation as these roles will set a bench mark for the coming generations of actors and actresses.

Sehmat Khan

Sehmat, played by Alia Bhatt was one of the most powerful roles played by a woman in 2018. She played an Indian Spy who married a Pakistani army officer and oh boy I loved the character. Such a strong role for a strong lady, even emotionally. We’ve all seen roles like these being played by male actors and this was quite refreshing and we absolutely loved it.

Naina Mathur

Naina Mathur played by Rani Mukerji, Naina suffers from Tourette syndrome that causes her to make uncontrollable sounds like Hiccups. She was unsuccessful in landing a teaching job at the school she graduated at. She was later hired by the school to teach a newly formed section and did she do justice? Well, she remained at the school for 25 years and later also became the principal so yes, she kinda did. Naina taught us many things but I personally took from her role was that Nothing should be able to stop you from pursuing your dreams!


People will argue about this particular mention but to be honest how can I not talk about this? This was one of the most loved Trans role. Kukoo was a strong and bold character, Even though she was killed later on but the impact that it created on the views was untouchable, Viewers were left speechless. People do argue about the fact that A Trans woman should’ve played the role of Kukoo and people have really divided opinions about it, but well, Kukoo ka jaadu chal gaya so we can’t complain.


You can hate her, You can love her but you cannot just ignore her. Played by Tabu, Simi is anything but a conventional housewife. She was bold boy! BOLD in caps, that’s how bold and amazingly stunning she was. Tabu did justice to her by playing with utmost perfection.

Rani Padmavati

People have divided opinions on this one but what I think, personally is that Rani Padmavati was one strong willed and cunning lady. I am not going to comment on what I think about her Johar and what went down with that but what we should take from this movie that women, are no man’s property and are their own person, and can definitely take decision for own selves.


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