Jasmin Waldmann

STRESS Eu- and Distress …. Now What??

April 6, 2017

"Let the body respond to the stimulus. It is its own way of reminding you that you're a human" As a general human tendency, you try to make sure that you go through the least possible stress. There is nothing bad in trying to go through least stress. However, exhausting your body in order to prove that you don't feel stressed is incorrect. Stress-reactions are methods of the body as a response to happenings.

The body's way to respond to stress is by sympathetic nervous system activation. Too long in that active state can lead into a discomfort. The body is not made to keep (and should not) this state for a long period of time, the plan of the human body's creator was that the parasympathetic system always returns the body back into a calm and relaxed state. If it is in balance, the body and mind are happy and in harmony. Too much Stress describes a condition which is simply an unbalanced state. And this, over a longer time, has an impact on a physical well-being. Actually, the person's mind set is the source of what is understood as eustress (positive stress) and what is understood as distress (negative stress). Furthermore it is the workload, the life-style stress, responsibilities, etc which contribute to the balanced and unbalanced state of the body.

stress too

Once the mind interprets something as stress (positive as negative), the sympathetic nervous system is at work. And regardless of what it is, if the mind understands some happening as calm and relaxed, then it is the parasympathetic system that does its duty. Both are important and need to be balanced. Too much of either of the above and you are out of balanced and start to feel stressed. If we ignore this fact for a long time, then we experience many symptoms of stress like sleepless nights, exhaustion and anger starts to take a primary place in our nature. The body needs time and at times a longer time to be able to come back into the state of relaxation. It needs to be trained so that the parasympathetic system again comes back in place.

There are various methods to counter the stress. The first step to counter it is to release the accumulated stress from the body. All the stress hormones that are secreted inside the body, get accumulated inside as without you making any efforts, they do not find a way out and effect negativly the entire system after some time. So the hormones need to get out of the system before they harm it intensively. This can be done through exercises like weight lifting, Pilardio®, functional fitness, swimming, jogging or walking, to name the best programs.

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It is important to avoid too much stress or lessen it as much as possible. In easy words, if stress reaches you, you can be able to either delegate it (just do not takes it as stress and put it back to the sender, in case there is any) or understand that happening differently. This can be effectively done by changing your mind-set. As per the experts (Life Coaches), changing a mind-set isn't as difficult as it seems like. It depends on how you perceive the changes and pressure around you and their effects on you. Also, a change in mind-set increases your preparedness for any event. This enables your perception to develop as per the training. Due to this, less stress occurs and better results are obtained.

A stress-free life (means mainly experience eustress) or a life with less stress is very much possible. But it takes some efforts of training it to become like that. It can not be done just because of wishing. Doing some little work and you will experience a new life!

To make sure that you achieve the ideal life goal, it is always better to take suitable measures while you can.

"A happy and an easy life is rare but is bliss. You can't achieve it but the closer, the better."

Jasmin Waldmann, Life Coach

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