7 Strange Yet Fascinating Places in India to make you go Whaaatt Thaaa Fffffff

Just when you thought that you knew about the travel destinations you need to pack your bags for, here are some of the most strange, weird, fascinating (Call whatever you wish to!) places in India which you just cannot afford to miss out on:

Shani Shignapur 

strange places

Shani Shignapur in Maharashtra is also known as the village without doors and is popular for its Shani temple. According to the villagers here, this village hasn’t witnessed any crime till now and it’s because of the blessings of Lord Shiva. This village has no doors and locks in home and taking a note of the zero crime rate in this village, UCO bank has also opened a lockess branch.

Bibi ka Maqbara 

strange places

After a few hours drive from the bustling city of Mumbai, you are going to come across Bibi ka Maqbara which is located in Aurangabad and is a replica of Taj Mahal. Prince Azam Shah built the monument for his mother and is also known as Mini Taj.

Gue Village :

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If you think that Egypt is the only place where you can find mummies then you need to visit Gue Village in Spiti which remarkably lays the well preserved 500 year old mummy of Sangha Tenzing who was a Buddhist monk from Tibet.

Hanging Pillar 

strange places

120 kms away from Bangalore, the Hanging Pillar is located in Lepakshi which is a historical place related to Ramayana. The hanging pillar inside the temple is what attracts tourists to this place and it is said that this pillar has been existing since ages.

Land of Snakes 

weird yet interesting places in India

Shetpal in Sholapur district is known for snake worship. The astonishing fact abiut this place is that each house in this village has a resting place for cobras in the rafters of their ceilings. There have been zero cases of snakebites reported from this village even though there are snakes which move around freely in every household.

Magnetic Hill :

strange places

The Magnetic Hill in Ladakh is a short drive away from the Gurudwara Pathar Sahib on the Leh highway which gives the illusion that vehicles can slowly move upwards. At an altitude of 11,000 feet above the sea level, Magnetic Hill is definitely the must-see things when you are on this trip.

The Twin Town :

strange places

Kodini is a village in Malappuram district of Kerala which has surprised the scientists too. It has a population of 2000 people and has 350 pairs of identical twins and that is the reason why it has earned the title of “Twin Town”.



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