Five Steps To Choose The Right Engineering College!

This post shows you 5 simple steps involved to choose the right Engineering College. With the engineering entrance exam season coming to an end many students and parents are now busy trying to find the right engineering college. Advice for students who have cracked JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, EAMCET or any other regional entrance exams.


Selecting the right branch becomes really important as it decides which area of study/work you will spend the rest of your professional life in. So, how does one select the right branch? The answer is simple…’Interest’. Choose the branch you are interested in! If drawing cars while sitting in a boring lecture is your way of passing time and Horsepower and Aerodynamic are the kind of words that pop into your head when you see a car passing by then perhaps Mechanical Engineering is meant for you. you can opt for computer science engineering if coding and programming are two things you enjoy.

What to do:

mechanical engineering

A. Research, research and research more! Find out as much as you can about the particular branch and see if it really matches your interest and passions.

B.Get the real-world picture. Sites like Facebook and Quora are a good place to meet people already working and studying in a particular field. Ask them what the ground realities of a particular branch and which branch is best suited for your interest.It helps a lot to choose the right engineering college.

C. The best biriyani is sold in Hyderabad.   That’s right. Every college has a branch it is particularly good at. For example VIT has one of the best mechanical engineering departments in South India. IIIT Hyderabad’s CSE department is regarded as among the best in the country etc. (Step 1 will help you know more). Once you’ve decided upon a particular branch make a list of colleges that are good at it.

What not to do

A. My brother/friend/senior took ‘X’ branch so i’ll do the same.   If you are even thinking of doing something like this then you might end up living a miserable life. Many people blindly choose a branch only to realise in the 2nd and 3rd year(when most of the core subjects are taught) that they’d rather watch CID reruns all day than sit in those boring lectures. Just dont do it!

B.This branch has more jobs and placements!   Opting for a branch solely because people studying it get well paying jobs and enjoy better job security is like marrying a girl only because she’s rich. Although money makes you rich it wont necessarily make you happy.


If you want to be good at something then you must learn it from someone who is really good at it. Always check if a particular college of your interest has good faculty or not. This is a very important step in choosing the right engineering college.

What to do: 

engineering college what to do

A. Contact the college: Ring them up, email them or go through their website. Find out the qualifications of the teaching staff in the branch of your interest.Look for PHds and foreign degrees.Also find out if there is research going on in the department if any of the staff members have published any papers. Number of papers published by someone is directly proportional to how passionate about the field he/she is.

B.Ask people : Alumni from the college or someone already studying in it is a valuable information source about the kind of teachers in the college. Try to find out such people and ask them.

What not to do: 

A. My neighbour thinks a course ‘y’ is very good at this college. And now my search has ended. Sure all the searching and asking around can be a big pain in the *ss but trust me, it pays of well in the end. If someone claims a particular college is good at a course, verify their claims instead of believing them blindly.


You are going to spend a major part of your 4 years of engineering inside the campus, irrespective of whether the type of stay is residential or day-scholar. A good campus with large open spaces and high quality infrastructure can give you a huge amount of mental satisfaction. Especially after cramming in match-box sized rooms in the Narayana/Sri Chaitainya/Fiitjee/<whatever coaching institute you went to> a sprawling campus ++with greenery and an actual canteen gives you a rewarding feeling after the 2 years of hard work and pain.

What to do:

engineering college campus

A. Visit the campus: Satisfy the travel monkey inside you. Visit the campus and see it with your own eyes. Trust me, it ‘does’ make a difference. This is place is going to be the first thing you walk through every morning for the next four years of your life, it cannot hurt if it looks good!

B.Location: Although someone living on campus wouldn’t mind where the campus is located. For someone who has to travel everyday to college, this is a really important factor. Make sure you aren’t spending insanely -long amounts of time like 2-3 hrs everyday commuting to college. Travel in city traffic is tiring and a big waste of time. If there are no good colleges nearby then relocating or staying in a rented flat is a wise option.

What not to do:

A. Selecting a college because the campus looks good: Again, doing this is like marrying a girl just because she looks good (A mistake which most Indian men are okay with :P). But seriously, there are a few colleges with really good looking campuses but the teaching is equally bad. I’ll let google tell you which colleges i’m talking about.

Extra-Curriculars and Campus Culture

Popularly known as ECs. Extracurricular activities go a long way in defining what kind of a person you become. People good in both academics and ECs are sought after by most companies and get a higher preference while applying for higher education. This is because such people possess the ability to manage their time well and balance more than one thing at once.

What to do: 

A. Select a college with good campus culture:  College fests are a good indicator of how good the campus culture is. Many important life skills like leadership and teamwork can be honed through participating in and organizing events. Filtering colleges based on the ECs also helps to choose the right engineering college.

What not to do:

B.All that glitters ain’t Gold: Now, there are also a few colleges which have extravagant fests,  graced by film stars and VIPs. Some of them organize such fests only for the publicity those celebrities can get them. Again, it all comes down to how good your research is.

engineering college teaching

Talk to your seniors

If you’ve read this far then you’ve probably understood by now that there are a lot of ground realities that cannot be discovered through a few google searches. Here’s where the seniors come in. Get in touch with your seniors from school, or +2. It is always better to ask someone you trust so that you can get sincere advice.Trust me, it helps a lot to choose the right Engineering college.  So, pick up the phone and talk to them or whatsapp them if you feel shy. Make it a point you talk to at least 2 people from a college of your choice.

Let us know what you felt about this article by leaving a comment below. If you think this post was helpful, do share it with your friends. Best of luck for getting into the right Engineering college!



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