No more Data Breaches As Stellar Announces New Bitraser Version On Data Privacy Day

In this day and age of technical advancement, all businesses big or small, depend on data stored on their domains. High-profile data breaches remind us all that data security is a top priority for businesses. Organizations now face a one in four chance of a data breach, the aftermath of which includes decreased customer loyalty, distrust, a potential loss in revenues, and a negative brand reputation. Stellar, a globally acclaimed data recovery expert, is here to change that and extend safety to the most confidential informations.

BitRaser Drive Eraser ver3.0- Bit’ing’ Breaches!

On the occasion of World Data Privacy Day, Stellar, after having served more than 3 million users globally across 190 countries since 1993, announced the launch of latest version of their flagship data erasure software BitRaser Drive Eraser ver3.0. The new enhanced features in BitRaser includes data erasure at remote locations, report data erasure securely and on real-time basis. This software empowers organizations and individuals to wipe off sensitive data permanently from hard drives, SSDs, desktops, laptops, servers and mobile devices. This new version has been certified by ADISA (globally recognized certification) to bring assurance to the process of IT asset retirement and disposition. BitRaser Data Erasure software helps companies safely reuse old IT assets & mitigate risk of data breach.

Why BitRaser Drive Eraser ver3.0?

BitRaser Drive Eraser ver3.0 is designed with most robust erasure capabilities to simplify, automate and scale data erasure while ensuring permanent deletion of data from all kinds of storage media. The new version is designed with cloud integration which provides flexibility to create users, manage license distribution, and maintain central repository of reports & certificates. This efficient data erasure solution is capable of erasing up to 254 hard drives at one-go, with successful erasure of hidden areas and helps users to comply with global data privacy laws such as EU GDPR, GLB, SOX, HIPAA and other regulatory standards.

‘’Globally there has been a rise in the number & magnitude of data breaches over the years and new data protection regulations are getting introduced. Consequently, there is a growing demand for data erasure solutions to help secure data privacy. We are committed to ensure the successful utilization of our data erasure solutions for safeguarding data privacy and make continuous efforts to adopt new functionalities to bring the most enhanced user experience. ‘’said Mr. Sunil Chandna, CEO, Stellar.

“The ADISA certification is a significant milestone for Stellar. This further provides added assurance to enterprise service providers, government institutions, SMBs and individuals that our data erasure solutions are compliant with the most stringent & rigorous regulatory standards world-wide & ensure end-to-end security of their information.” he further added.

“The Product Claims Test is an independent validation of software overwriting tools. We took a claim made about BitRaser and tested that in a controlled laboratory environment using forensic techniques aligned to the ADISA Test Level 1. The media tested was a SSD and iPhone with no user data being able to be recovered after the test. ” Dr. Andrew Blyth, head of the ADISA test lab said.

Pricing & Availability

The product comes with both physical delivery as well as electronic delivery. BitRaser ver3.0 is available at all leading IT retail outlets and online stores at starting price of USD 20 for single count and can also be purchased from company’s official website  ( .



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