What’s Up Diwali : In Style With The Stars !!

diwali-with-stars-coverThere’s something intriguing about how stars and celebrities lead their daily lifestyles and more so, how they go about with celebrating these festivals and occasions.

After all, these are the same set of people who add up to form the saying ‘glitz and glam’ and can be recognized as trend setters by the masses.

We here at What’s Up Life, got a chance to interact and catch up with a few such personalities right before the festival of light – Diwali and got a sneak peek into how they intend on spending this one particular day !

Here you go.



Popular Bollywood actress and the face of Murali Group

Diwali Must-Do : Lakshmi puja and being with a family

Diwali Glam-up Quotient : Indian Anaarkalis

The Irresistible Diwali Mithai : Love white rasgullaas

Your Diwali Date : With my mother

Your “Sky lantern Wish” for Diwali : To Shine Like A STAR as much as I CAN till Sky is the Limit 🙂




Diwali must do : Diwali is about spreading happiness and light, So doing a little something for the less fortunate is something which gives me unparalleled joy and makes it more worthwhile.

Diwali Glam-Up Quotient : Lots of bling and color

The irresistible Diwali Mithai : Kaju Katli

Your Diwali Date : Confused between Sam Claflin and Justin Baldoni ?!? What do you think?

Your “sky lantern wish for Diwali” : To strictly ban noisy firecrackers for the love of our pets. That kind of noise pollution is torture to their ears !



Founder and Owner of FFACE

Diwali Must-Do : Visit one of my closest friend’s 50 plus year old Kali Puja. It has been a ritual for me for last 6 years.

Your Diwali Glam-up Quotient : A perfect pair of classy yet comfortable Kurta Pajama will add to my Diwali Glam Quotient because I barely get enough occasions to wear them.

The Irresistible Diwali Mithai : The word “Mithai” in any form itself is irresistible to me because I have a sweet tooth. Anything or anybody remotely associated with sweetness attracts me :-p

Your Diwali Date : In Kolkata, all beautiful ladies I have met of late, are either married, pregnant or fighting for a divorce. It’s been extremely difficult for me to find someone eligible here. Thus I vouched to myself in finding a date for me beyond the boundaries of Kolkata. Since this Diwali I plan to stay back in the city, I would rather wait for any single beautiful lady (if any left here) to find me and make my Diwali completely worthwhile. 😉

Your “Sky lantern Wish” for Diwali : Continue doing the hard work for FFACE. Should never give up doing what I always envisaged. Failures should never let me down, rather inspire me to learn more out of them. Finally, give me the courage, that if I ever feel like giving up or quitting, I should always be reminded of why I started it.




Must-Do for Diwali Evening : Poker (Without money of course!)

Your Diwali Glam-up Quotient : Collared Kurtas (I don’t wear them normally)

Diwali Date : Lightening up the sky with crackers together

Irresistible Diwali Mithai : Big fan of anything from Balaram Mullick

The “skylantern” wish for Diwali : To shine brighter




Must-Do for Diwali Evening : The Red Tilak

Your Diwali Glam-up Quotient : Black

Diwali Date : Maa Kali 😉

Irresistible Diwali Mithai : Kaju Barfi

The “skylantern” wish for Diwali : Movie releasing on 4th November. It does well. And ofcourse happiness and good sense prevail.


bonny sengupta


Must-Do for Diwali Evening : Burst crackers for sure, that is something I cannot leave. However, this year I am supporting the pledge #SoundfreeDiwali so it will be limited to crackers

Your Diwali Glam-up Quotient : Bright-colored straight fit Kurta with Dhoti pants..I love it

Diwali Date : Definitely Bengali food forgetting diet and its very easy get candle-light dinner done for Diwali!!!!!!

Irresistible Diwali Mithai : Barfi- I cannot stop myself from having them

The “skylantern” wish for Diwali : I am an animal-lover so keep the animals safe. Let us consider their suffering while we burst crackers.



Actor.Author. Luxury Commentator.Columnist.Communicator. Young Achiever Award 2016 Winner

Diwali Must-Do : Start writing my second book, my first attempt at fiction, on this auspicious day.

Your Diwali Glam-up Quotient : Diwali is a great occasion for getting back to our traditions, our roots. Working in a corporate environment doesn’t allow you freedom from western clothes. So it will be cotton kurta, pyjama with a bandh-gala and mojri.

The Irresistible Diwali Mithai : I am not particularly a fan of sweets, but on this occasion I could never resist Kaju Barfi.

Your Diwali Date : Sabiya.

Your “Sky lantern Wish” for Diwali : Super success of my first book “Decoding Luxe” and my second untitled movie in 2017. Need your prayers.


Subhrajit Mitra

New age Indian film director who has won many international awards.

Diwali Must-Do : Puja at my residence and then party time with my friends.

Your Diwali Glam-up Quotient : This has to be Indian ethnic. I prefer kurta and jeans. More for it’s flexibility factor.

The Irresistible Diwali Mithai : I don’t have much of a sweet tooth despite being a quintessential Bong. I love different flavoured milk shakes such as Thandai.

Your Diwali Date :  certainly no one particular. So many friends to have fun with.

Your “Sky lantern Wish” for Diwali : let there be light. Let the light of knowledge lead us out from the darkness of ignorance.



Journalist, editor, photographer and traveller

This year is extra special. I have for over 10 years been dreaming of starting Durga or Kali Puja at home. I’m finally doing it this year for the first time – Kali Puja at home and have lots of friends, relatives and distant and close cousins all coming over home. Friends from the US have already arrived at my home in Kolkata

Your Diwali Glam-up Quotient : I’m looking for a clean white dhoti and white kurta with a Kantha shawl – the pure Bengali flavour

The Irresistible Diwali Mithai : Nothing more yum than the customary Swar Bhaja

Your Diwali Date : It will be her and her family’s first Diwali and Kali Puja. I can’t wait for her to be part of the functions

Your “Sky lantern Wish” for Diwali : I believe in lighting up people’s lives. This Diwali may the whole world blind us with its light



Fashion Designer

Diwali Must-Do : Diwali is a long waited festival. It’s a festival of prosperity, joy and merry making. One should have fully fledged fun, food, burn eco friendly crackers and most importantly be safe.

Your Diwali Glam-up Quotient : Anything that glitter from make up to Shoe. In this auspicious occasion of Diwali, which is a symbol of brightness, prosperity and happiness so does one should feel with their attire they wear. Bright colour and suitable make up which makes ones beauty enhance is the call of Diwali for me and I hope for many this year.

The Irresistible Diwali Mithai : It is indeed Ras malai for me. So I do get good amount of Ras malai’s during Diwali and relish its taste. Apart from this I love to have Abar Khabo Sandesh, Malpua, Khirer Chop and Patishapta etc.

Your Diwali Date : No better date then my friends to be with. On the occasion of Diwali there is a get together at my place where we all friends come together have fun and enjoy.

Your “Sky lantern Wish” for Diwali : To free those children from firework Labour. As apart from being unsafe it is also a criminal offence.



Fashion Designer

Diwali Must-Do. –  Decorating my house with flowers and candle

Your Diwali Glam-up Quotient – I love wearing ethnic /indo-westerns, highlighting my eyes with eyeliner and Kajal and lipstick for the complete look! Wearing traditional jewellery is a must !

The Irresistible Diwali Mithai – Rasmalai / Badam Ka Halua

Your Diwali Date – Family and friends!

Your “Sky lantern Wish” for Diwali -Wishing my family,friends and well wishers a Happy Diwali full of love and prosperity.



Fashion Designer

Diwali must dos – In terms of fashion wear lots of colors but not incorporated with too many contrast colors. Try single tone colors. Add gold, silver, copper for the bling to your look.

Silhouette should be flowy and bit volumes like anarkallis, lehengas, sherwanis with flared skirts etc.

Jewellery is a must wear to glam up the look. Add more Indian touch with flowers on your loose hairdos. Make up can be clean and fresh. Just enhance one part of your look may be eyes or lips.

I’m not too much of a mithai person but during Diwali I love to have sweet that are made of dry fruits. Kaju barfis one of my favorite that’s made at home and dry fruits gujiya those are just so yumm.

My Diwali date is obviously with family members. friends and lots of food.

Sky lantern wish- money money money and some more money lol.


lopamudra mandal saha

Fashion Designer, Curator & Social Worker

Diwali Must-Do
Ans:  Tash, Tambola, Poker, Good Food, Friends & Family

WL:   Your Diwali Glam-up Quotient
Ans:   Sexy Blosue is Diwali Show Stopper. Bright Colors and matching jewellery

WL:     The Irresistable Diwali Mithai
Ans:    Laddu, Baked Rosgullas, Jalebi

WL:    Your Diwali Date:
Ans:    I wish this Diwali, I get somebody to date for the rest of my life

WL:    Your “Skylantern Wish” for Diwali
Ans:   Want love, support and blessings from my friends & family.



Media Consultant

Light up my house with decorated diyas, flowers and rangolis. Of late Chinese lights (o lord! Why?)

I plan to wear something in red, my personal favourite for traditional clothing. Some gold jewellery to go with it. A bindi and some fresh flowers for my hair!

The Irresistible Diwali Mithai
Laddoo. Nothing beats it. Ever.

Your Diwali Date
My close friends and close family. My nieces Josya & Naisa most importantly.

Your “Sky lantern Wish” for Diwali
Get rid of religion and embrace life in all its shades. Keep your love for me safe. I shall hold yours safely forever, in my heart


nilanjana chakraborty

Jewellery Designer & Socialite

Diwali Must-Do
Ans: I would be to clean and adorn the house,buy precious metal,wearing new clothes,obeisance to God,family bonding and exchanging gifts,along with a sumptuous dinner.

Your Diwali Glam-up Quotient

Ans: Indian ethnic wear,not sari but lehenga/choli or shararas,topped with chunky traditional jewellery.Special beauty care regimen on Roop Chaudus or Choti Diwali..

The Irresistible Diwali Mithai

Ans: Kaju Barfi, Badam Barfi, Boondi Ka Laddoo.

Your Diwali Date

Ans: With family,very dear close friends.

Your “Sky lantern Wish” for Diwali
Ans: May God drive away all that is evil,the dark forces,negative energy,and usher in peace, prosperity, calm for the family and our nation as a whole.


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