Master Predictions By A Mystical Array Of Animals – Can you contain your excitement?

Probably the first thing which comes to any person’s mind when talking about predicting something or predictions in general is whether your horoscope assures you of finding your crown princess or maybe, that dream car you’ve been longing ever since you could utter the word C-A-R.

But, fact is predictions – of any kind, is much more cellular than that and can often be dubbed as a talent. Of course, a lot of it is based on coincidences and out of the blue guess work, but it is what it is. Predicting, in other words is assuming things, events or outcomes (it is not about whether the lines in your palm state if you’ll be the next Bill Gates or not)

Even though you don’t need a magic hat to hone such a talent, you do need an immense level of finesse in such things, because after all, one wrong prediction and you’ll just be labelled as another one hit wonder.

That, fortunately hasn’t been the case for this twenty year old kid from Kolkata – Pritam (Samrat) Das. A student of JIS University, studying Biotechnology is the talk of the town at the moment. It has been quite the same ever since the FIFA World Cup came around last year. During the said tournament, he predicted a handful of results, and guess what? All of them turned out to be spot on! 

Make correct predictions for a couple instances and no one will bat an eye, but this guy managed to keep his streak intact and well, ended up surprising everyone around him. According to Pritam, he does all these predictions by his own tricks & techniques. Also, it’s just not football games that he predicts – he has done the same, with 100% accuracy for cricket matches too!!!

All this being said, let us look at some of the other masters of predictions, the focus being on menagerie creatures rather than boy wonders.

Paul the Octopus

animal psychicsThis was obvious and is probably the most famous menagerie tipster to have predicted the FIFA World Cup games.

Paul the octopus, left an indelible gooey mark on football history during the 2010 World Cup. His keepers at the Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen, Germany, would offer him two boxes that contained food and had different countries’ flags on the outside. After stunning onlookers during Euro 2008 matches, choosing four out of six winning teams, he correctly predicted all seven of Germany’s results during the following World Cup, and even correctly chose Spain as the ultimate winner.

Paul the “psychic” octopus died at his home at the Oberhausen Sea Life Centre in Germany, in 2010.

Achilles the Cat

animal psychic master predictors

Last year’s World Cup animal star was a feline named Achilles, who had patriotically predicted that Russia will beat Saudi Arabia in the opening match tonight.

With its predictions prowess running so high, this little dude albeit deaf had also predicted the Confederations Cup results & winner successfully.

Shaheen the Camel

Prediction Masters

Back in 2014, the Dubai-based Gulf News discovered a wise camel named Shaheen, who would indicate which team it believed would win each World Cup match. Even though his record has been a tad bit patchy, fans of the humped mystic remain optimistic on its comeback!

Baby Pandas

Prediction Masters

Now, can there be anything as cute as pandas? I don’t think so.

These cuddly critters wanted in on the action too and were all but set to predict match winners by picking food from a choice of baskets and climbing trees at The Giant Panda Protection and Research Centre. They were China’s own answer to Germany’s former soccer oracle Paul the Octopus – a group of baby pandas to predict the outcomes of matches for the World Cup in Brazil n 2014. Unfortunately, the over protective authorities stepped in at the last moment to cancel out the stunt, citing concerns of the babies being scared by the attention from humans.


However, Chinese fans soon found a replacement – pet turtles.
fans make their turtles pick leaves from a choice of team names written on scraps of paper. Unlike Paul, these turtles hardly gave correct predictions as they picked England, Japan and Spain as the winners, …

Mystic Marcus the Pig

Prediction Masters

This guy can hog the spotlight (pun intended), if he wants for sure! Mystic Marcus has been making headlines for his extensive World Cup 2018 predictions. Marcus has a 100 per cent track record of predicting not only sports results, but also the outcome of the 2016 US election.


This freaky worldwide craze lives on. A host of animals tasked with predicting the results, mostly for Football World Cup… What will the next one see?

What’s your take?




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