Ways to Thank your Mom.. This Mother’s Day

Mothers are the most wonderfully created beings on the earth and you’ve most certainly heard this saying before but don’t you agree?

Her love for her children is unconditional and always has a forgiving nature irrespective of the situations that rise up in the family. She’d wake up in the middle of the night for you when you fall sick and be by your bedside only to make sure she’s there when you need her the most. She’s almost like a superhuman with superpowers where anything and everything under the sun that’s related to her child will be willing fully done without any hesitation.  That’s why probably it’s said that God made mothers because he couldn’t be everywhere at the same time! It’s obviously not true because we all know that God exists right inside us but it’s the impact that the statement creates that makes a difference; which means mothers have that similar kind of love and are almost equally concerned for her children just like God does for his children.

So what would you do to make her feel special and equally important as you are to her? Personally I think Mother’s day is a great idea to celebrate motherhood but why just one day? Why can’t we make our moms feel special every single day? There’s no need to focus on the big stuff but simple gestures can melt her heart. For instance you can wake up before her and make a cuppa coffee or buy a pair of sandals that she has been wanting since a long time, take 15 minutes out of your day and sit and talk to her, tell her about your day, ask her how her day was etc etc…or just a mere ‘thank you’ can make a whole lot difference and I can assure you that she will go to bed with a peaceful mind, a content heart and a big smile on her face! Continue this on a daily basis and see how happy she would be which in turn could make every day feel like Mother’s day.

Anyhow having said that we do have a list of some special things or activities that you could do to celebrate the much awaited Mother’s Day!


Starting the day with some delicious food is what everyone wants and your mom would feel out of this world to let go of the kitchen for one day where someone else is doing the same job for her! There are many restaurants and hotels in town that serve lavish Sunday brunches where you could give her a hearty meal.

mothers day brunch

You will come across some Amazing Offers also on this day.. wherein a lot of Hotels and Restaurants make the Meal complimentary for all Mothers on this day.


Post brunch where you’re all stuffed up to the gills, the best way to get some exercise is through some retail therapy. Walking through various stores up n down a shopping mall can get you and your mom all pumped up because you wouldn’t know the physical strain as you two are busy and excited looking at all the fancy stuff available! I mean come on we all know that women and shopping go hand in hand and what better a way than to take your mom along and buy her a few things that she’s been wanting to from the past few months or more!?

Mother's day gift options


After brunch and the heavy duty shopping, what does mom need?  A soothing body and head massage! Take her to a five star hotel or even a resort where you could spend the entire day indulging in some fun activities including some pool time and spa treatments. The calmness and tranquility will completely de-stress your mom for quite some time leaving her mind and body relaxed and rejuvenated.

mother's day spa

Catch a movie:

We all have our personal favorite actors and actresses and make it a point to catch every movie of theirs. And so does your mom but has probably given up all of that due to the changes in her lifestyle post giving birth to you. Priorities change when children come into the picture. So why not take her out for a good movie or even better to rent a projector at home and call her friends too if required and give them a theatre like experience at home!

mother's day movie screening

Cook a meal:

This is undoubtedly the most common suggestion one has given you, but what the hell it works always like magic every single time! So get a few recipes from your aunts and friends or even online and head straight to the kitchen to bring out the best tasting dishes that mom likes. Prepare well in advance from choosing a recipe to buying all the ingredients so that you don’t mess up at the last minute. Set the table with a menu as well just to give that special touch n make it fun and add a few decorative pieces or flowers on and near the table. And yes please do not forget to clean the kitchen counter post cooking because you don’t want your mom to frown on the mess you’ve made! After all that’s what she does every day, keeping the kitchen and rest of the house clean and clear which obviously shouldn’t be a problem for you doing it for a single day.

Write her a brief letter of how thankful you are and how much she means to you. Make sure that at least one meal of the day is had with the entire family. After all the family altogether is your mom’s world so make it a point to keep that world of hers with peace, joy and happiness!


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