Here’s three unique and internationally-followed reasons why March 21 is a special day?

It’s not everyday that major international events or observances fall on the same date. It’s March 21, 2018. While it might seem like a normal day- or just any other day for most of us, internationally, it happens to mark many varied celebrations.

March 21

The importance of March 21 can be ascertained by the simple fact that not only does it happen to be the World Down Syndrome day- marking important impetus to one of grim medical anomalies plaguing the world and it’s children, but it also happens to be the National Day of Fragrances and World Poetry Day.

Wow, so much to ride home about. All in the limited confine of 24-hours-in-a-single day. Isn’t it?

So let’s ascertain the importance of each of these 3 distinct, yet massively important global dates:

Down Syndrome Day

March 21

From a global perspective, it’s the call of the hour to raise meaningful awareness of a terrible malady of our times that has affected tens of thousands of innocent, young children around the world.

Some statistics in the ebb of Down Syndrome paint a painful grim picture. The National Down Syndrome Society suggests, 6000 babies in United States are born with Down Syndrome. Even though a genetic condition, a third of translocation cases are hereditary.

Mothers who conceive post the age of 35 are far more likely to give birth to kids with Down Syndrome than those giving birth earlier. The WHO directs vital importance to this grave concern by also highlighting developments in medicine. In the 20th century, children with Down Syndrome rarely lived past age 9 years. But thankfully, that is no longer the truth today. There are more cases where those recuperating by the disease are living beyond 60.

Each year, more and more impetus is being given to highlight the essential truth that people who are marred by the disease can contribute so much to the society. Therefore, there’s little surprise to find names like Tommy Jessop, Jamie Brewer, Lauren Potter contributing to art and cinema in developed parts like the US.

However, concern looms about developing nations like India, where with 23000-29000 children from Down Syndrome are yet to find their rightful place in the society.

National Day of fragrances

March 21

There seems to be hardly any irony in the fact that the National Day of Fragrances coincides with the eternally beautiful spring-time.

March 21 highlights possibly the most refreshing, aura-inducing and, aesthetically charming day in the whole calendar all thanks to it being a day of fragrances.

Globally, perfumery business- an industry worth $40 billion in the US- is the plush recipient of some amazing developments in fragrances and essences. The biggest constituents of growth to this industry are the regions of North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Japan and, Middle East and Africa.

March 21

Thanks to an immensely valuable appropriation of renowned globetrotting brands- Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Hugo Boss, Chanel, Polo and whatnot- the extensive lineage of colognes, deodorants, essences, perfumes, scents is only growing manifold by the day.

It could be remarked that India’s own contribution to upping the ante of perfume and scents industry is the iconic inception of Jacques Guerlain’s Shalimar. A mystically charming and intoxicating fragrance inspired by the legendary love story of emperor Shah Jahan and his wife, Mumtaz Mahal, has India in its backdrop.

India’s own fragrance industry- valued at $225 million- is being spruced by effervescent smells like sandalwood, rose and other arresting essences.

World Poetry Day

March 21

This one’s especially for the wordsmiths. One of the most impactful and intellectually appealing art forms ever is Poetry. It’s the kind of charismatic art that has mended broken ties, forged new ones, recalibrate relationships, given way to a new direction of thinking and formed an essential element of the idea of love, romance, appreciation, critiquing and whatnot.

Recognised by the United Nations, World Poetry Day, first came into place back in 1999 when the decision to proclaim March 21 as World Poetry Day was adopted during UNESCO’s 30th session being held in the French capital.

An important artistic form of expression, the world may no longer be a witness to throbbing accounts of lives forged on the dynamic perusal of poetry nowadays but poetry has been a founding principle and a guiding light of the English language. Few facts capture the true spirit of human kind and poetry is emblematic to highlighting its diverse character spread: apathy, compassion, romance, love, dejection and other divergent human emotions.

This solid attempt to recognise March 21 as World Poetry Day is an encouraging move to not only support linguistic diversity- the kinds that has made our lives richer thanks to immortal legends like Pablo Neruda, Shelly, Rumi, Blake, Sylvia Plath and others- but also an initiation to return to oral traditions like poetry recitals.

March 21

It’s heartening to note that in India, the youth has particularly been keen to revive the concept of activism offering it fine light through the nuanced look of poetry. Today, its common to find phenomenon like Poetry Darbaar taking place in throbbing urban centres and it should only be encouraged further.


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