Jasmin Waldmann

Keep Calm And Simplify Your Life!

March 28, 2017

Simplify your life by letting go of your attachment to things – having a bigger house, the latest car, more clothes, more make-up, a private jet, more money to yet again buy more….

It is not that any of these things are bad in themselves; it´s just that for many people these things have become their only goals in life.

In short you live in a frenzied world overrun by the need to possess more, without any end in sight. And this need to possess only leads to more unhappiness, frustration, and disillusionment.

simplify your life

A bigger house will not make you joyful. It might make you happy for a few weeks, but then you will be back to being unhappy again and you`ll once again start looking for something bigger or better. Rather than continuing with this never-ending search, it´s better to focus on getting what you really need- what you are truly looking for?

Ultimately we all seek love and joy. And you cannot fill this void up with more cars and houses. It’s time to now change your path and seek the things that will truly fill you up - spiritual happiness and inner peace.

But not everybody has the time or the capacity to travel to the mountains or the forest or live in a cave, or abstain from sex or love-relationships.

So what can you do to do, because the world and life continues to go on and there seems no respite at hand?

People are constantly distracted by the stress and madness of their lives. Too much work, endless meetings, deadlines, interpersonal relationships, problems with kids at school, plans for the next holiday, money troubles and the list goes on.

But here is the good news- you don´t have to go somewhere to find peace or silence - you can create it around you- wherever you are.

You can learn how to bring more spiritual energy and awareness in your life, right here, right now!

Start with paying attention to your surroundings. Stay in conscious presence of people, places,, your feelings; actually every single thing around you.


Ask yourself, how do you really feel about that person, place, or thing? Is there still a positive value for you in associating with it or is it obsolete now? Maybe you realize that some people aren't good for you- maybe they are very negative or only negative, maybe they have totally different interests or values than you.

After understanding and identifying what is “good” for you, you can then start taking actions.

One, let go of all unhealthy and negative attachments. That mean to let go all things, situations and people, where you have a negative feeling, or find no value, or prevent you from being happy and finding inner peace.

And do one thing at a time. Don't overwhelm yourself; approach each thing step by step. There is no benefit here in multi-tasking.

 These actions alone would help you to heal yourself and simplify your life in terms of sorting out the good from the bad.

Second, move on to invite people, or situations or experiences which inspire you, help you to evolve and grow, keep you interested and enthusiastic; in short prepare you for a happy and fulfilled life.

And gradually you will see that your positive energy and state of mind will also positively affect the people around you. If you are happy then you can infuse others as well with happiness.

Smile and be aware.

Yours, Jasmin


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