5 Simple & Interesting Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer

It isn’t even June or July yet but it seems like we in NCR are living inside an oven already. What’s worse is that it is estimated that summer in 2016 can be the hottest summer ever! So are you guys ready for some sun bathing? Well if you aren’t and are shying away from going out in the open this summer then you need not worry anymore.

We at What’s Up Life are sharing with you 5 simple ways you can Beat the Heat this summer. Read on and enjoy the summers like never before:

Stay Hydrated

5 Simple Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer

Ensure that you are always hydrated before going out in the Sun. The sun is known to soak in all your energy and body glucose and hence it is always better to keep a water bottle with you at all times and keep having a sip every now and then. Also, refrain from buying packaged water bottles during summers. Do not interchange cola drinks with water intake as cola only soothes your taste buds but keeps you thirsty all along.

Avoid Dark Clothes and keep yourself covered

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Black and Dark Blue or Gray are a strict NO-NO this summer as they absorb more heat than light colored clothes. Also do not go out in the sun without a proper sun block cream and the shades on. The UV rays of the sun can damage your skin tissues that may further cause rashes and irritation. Hence, cover yourself from head to toe with light colour clothes.

ice bowl infront of fanKeep an ice-bowl in front of your fan

If you cannot afford an AC you can always create an AC like cooling atmosphere for yourself. Just place a bowl of ice in front of your fan in the direction of the wind. You can also try keeping your sheets in the freezer for 20 minutes before you sleep every night.

Do not have Extra Hot Meals and Eat in Portions


Extra Hot meals during summer can cause serious damage to your stomach. Try limiting the use of ovens at offices/homes as reheating the food beyond a limit can cause harm to your body in the summers. It is also important in summers to eat your food in portions and not in heavy dozes. This will help you remain active and full of energy.

Eat cold fruits

eat cold foods

The best way to enjoy your fruits in the summers is eating after freezing them or keeping them in cold water. Eating your fruits cold gives your stomach the much needed relief in this excruciatingly hot season. Also it keeps the fruit fresh as they are easily perishable in summers.

So follow the tips above and beat the heat like never before. Have more tips? Share in comments below.


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