World Family Day. Why the concept of a family matters most today?

At a time where there’s a day specifically marked, globally, to celebrate, hail most relationships or individuals central to a relationship bond, with perhaps a global ‘Pet’ day being the only possible exception in what is increasingly becoming a hot trend of acknowledging individuals, it helps to have a World Family Day. Or, the International Day of Families. Celebrations spun around the concept of a family sound like an exciting idea. Here’s why? The idea of observing, specifically for a day, something like the World Family Day elicits, finally, the importance of inarguably the most significant aspect of any individual’s life: family.



The idea of observing, specifically a day marked for a family, to uphold the concept of celebrating families- a tie of oneness and a spirit of togetherness- finally pays respect to inarguably the most significant aspect of any person’s life.  If you notice, we are living in a different age where we are absorbed in a somewhat changing culture. No longer are we strangers to subtle undertones of criticism and mocking thrown on people who are labelled somewhat ‘selfish’, berated for being ‘insular’ and often openly criticised for being selfishly driven, wanting no more than just their own welfare in life.


This contemporary trend, whether exaggerated by our misconceptions or supported by harsh realities- with smartphones occupying more time of ours than our own folks, where live Cricket match finds more interest than attending a social function concerning our beloved one and, where attending a parent’s teacher meeting is clubbed a ‘task’- presents us with an opportunity to appreciate a larger picture. Often unsung. Rarely celebrated. That of appreciating the real backbone of our lives: the family.


That said, why is it that the concept of a family and its often underpinned importance should strike us, only at the brink of some despair? The hugely interesting idea of celebrating a World Family Day day notwithstanding, why should it be that to remember our own people, we must run into an ugly shake up, such as a bad break-up or a heart-shattering moment? Why should it be that only upon being consoled by that dear friend of ours on the one structure, soul or aspect of life that wouldn’t cheat on us would be our family?


Does this mean that the concept of a family today is feeding in a state of carefree indifference? Could it be that at a time where time is being equated with money( despite us rarely possessing neither sufficiently), we are resorting to understanding the significance of a collective unit, so central to our existence as is oxygen to breathing- a worrying sign? Something stemming from of our growing reckless attitude?


Whatever it is, even in an age where concepts of success; of having ‘arrived’ in life have changed, such has to have one’s own Wikipedia page as a mark of arrival in life over necessarily being flocked for a million autographs, nothing seems to replicate the healing embrace ( more than a whiff of nostalgia as a throwback to earlier times) of indulging in simple but poignant pleasures of life, with one’s family. Of having your mother comb your hair, hating your current hairdo! Of having your father scolding you on not reading the main newspaper enough and valuing your smartphone over the news bulletin! Of having to sit down for a long, elaborate family luncheon with cousins whose names you don’t remember, but realise have more to do with you than just bearing the same surname as you!

What constitutes a family today?


That said, why is it then that a global day should be formed, specifically to correct our priorities in life, rather reprioritize our life accordingly? Why can’t each day be one that shines on you from the collective fragrance of a togetherness, this oneness of a celebration that no other material, posh attainment can replace?


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