Shweta Rai Bajaj, Fitness Trainer

“You know you’re strong when being strong is the option left”….Nothing could hold truer than this for Shweta Rai Bajaj, mentor for our event FITCREED, who is a fitness trainer and instructor based in Gurgaon. Shweta’s journey is a perfect example of ‘strength meets passion.’
Shweta battled weight issues during her pregnancy, partly because of her sedentary lifestyle, leading to multiple complications, one including Gestational Diabetes. Her pregnancy made her fear the worst….”The worst, however, was living under the constant fear of giving birth to a diabetic baby,” says the 35-year-old, recounting her weight issues.
Countering the effects on the baby, by going through the rigmarole of blood tests almost daily and taking insulin shots to keep sugar levels in check, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl in the March of 2013. But therein began her fight to finish battle with her weight. As they say, the Universe conspires to bring to you, your desires, so it did to Shweta, when her signing for Zumba classes led to her enjoying it to the point that she ended up getting certified as instructor herself! And thus, was “RESCULPT WITH SHWETA”, conceptualised.
Around the same time, she entered Fitness & Sports Science Association’s (FSSA) Ms Fitness India 2016 contest. Her search for a weight trainer to prepare her for the contest, ended at her. She locked horns with training herself, and this learning journey steered her towards finding her calling…her inclination, laying the foundation of her entrepreneurial journey into the world of fitness.
She lost the title, but won over her fears and challenges, being conferred with certifications in Strength Training, Functional Training, Nutrition for Performance and Weight Loss, Workout Music Instruction and CPR AED, resolutely advocating weight training amongst women of all age groups, Inspite of the fact that this is a male dominated industry, she has been able to create a niche for herself with training women & men from all walks of life.
After quitting her well paying corporate job to take up her new….and lifelong passion…..Fitness, Shweta succeeded in being touted as one of the most sought after fitness trainers in Gurgaon. “I had found my calling, and it was fitness. I quit my stable well-paying job and started focusing my energy on acquiring certifications and learning about fitness and its components,” she says, crediting her mentor Gurnit Singh Dua, CEO of FSSA, for teaching her everything she knows about fitness.
Stating her fitness mantra, she tells us,  “My mantra is strong not skinny, and I have been creating awareness amongst women to accept their bodies and work on getting fitter and stronger rather than obsessing about a particular size and only the aesthetic part. I can proudly say that my venture is now hugely successful in Gurgaon.” says Shweta, now also the National Director- Ms Fitness India, a unique platform for amateur fitness enthusiasts.
…..”And then one day, I discovered my own light….”

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