Shimla Summer Festival 2019 Is Here With A Riot Of Colours In Himachal! Vacation Idea?

Summer vacations call for a destination to cool off the summer heat! The popular choice?…. Hill Stations! The most picked gateway and one of the popular tourist spots is Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. It sees frequent visitors throughout the summer season. The hill town isn’t hyped for nothing. If you have Shimla as your vacay destination, it would be criminal to forego the International Shimla Summer Festival!

shimla summer festival

Every year, a Shimla Summer Festival is organized in the Queen of Hills, which is one hyped event that celebrates the season, that holds different programs like musical performances, cultural attractions, local exhibitions along with some fun activities.

This riot of colours and festivity is celebrated on a grand scale. This renowned event has been held regularly in Shimla since the 1960s and is a five day extravaganza.

This year it begins from June 2 and goes till June 7. The festival will take place at the Ridge in Shimla. The Ridge is an open space located in the middle of this hill city. The place is easily accessible, as the main shopping center is located here.

shimla summer festival

This Summer Festival primary essence is the huge association of men and women who gather and celebrate the advent of summer. They sing and dance in gratefulness to the glory of God and offer thanks for the rich harvest and the golden crop and also requests God for a repetition of the same bliss the following year.

The major events that grace this occasion are folk dances, food festival, flower shows, ice skating festival and even a Himachali Film festival. Witnessed also are musical performances, some of them from renowned singers and performers. This is the best time to enjoy shopping as handicrafts are set up during this time.

The events are truly to be a part of at least once in your lifetime. There is a sports tournament with a host of activities for both children as well as adults. There isn’t a corner or nook found that doesn’t exude the spirit of this buoyant festival.

Colourful flower shows are organized, which is why the festival is called a Riot of Colours. The local artists give performance in music and dance and every day, a famous personality is called to perform on the stage. The buzz is just intoxicating!

Enthusiastic school children take part in the festivities and many competitions are organized for their amusement and enjoyment. These children also put up cultural acts and performances and the Summer Festival acts as a stage to showcase their talent and skills.

Other events include photography competition, poster-making competition and fashion show that showcases the talent of local designers. The unique thing about this fashion show is that it showcases folk dresses. What better way to experience the culture of the Queen of Hills?

The numerous festivities and the spate of programmes that are organized make the Summer Festival one thrilling experience. And the best part of this event is the weather that offers Shimla a respite with the weather being pleasant.

The festival is a non-ticketed event so anyone who is visiting, can attend it.


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