Leading A Healthy (Sex) Life

SEX, three simple words that make life on this earth progress, and I mean this completely literally. Considered a very taboo topic by most people in the country; but when it all boils down to it, we are all by products of a rollicking good time had by consenting adults. That being said, it seems like it is not appropriate to discuss our sexuality with people; and if you ask adults they tend to tell you that the only time to discuss it is after you are married. While marriage may be the most appropriate time for it, some of us may not be interested in marriage or long term commitment; every person has their own sense and sensibility. End of the day sex is an act between consenting adults and let us all keep it that way. When done right, it has a lot of benefits to your health, so now we all have more reason to be sexually active.

A Workout….It Is!

sex benefits

It is brilliant cardio vascular exercise for people. The exercise is equivalent to that of a rigorous training session in a gymnasium and may be cheaper (Although it depends on your partner, some are known to be rather cost effective, while others burn a hole in your pocket). Exercise such as this can lower blood pressure, increase blood flow and improve the health of your heart, helps strengthening muscles, increase your libido and most important helps you burn many calories. Also remember, the more you practice and the fitter you get; the better you get overall, so let that help motivate you.

Immunity Boost?….Sure!

sex benefits

People who engage more often in sex tend to have a stronger immunity system, with elevated immunoglobin A, which helps fights various different viruses.


sex benefits

It helps you sleep better. In this current climate where everyday is more stressful than the last, a lot of us burn out due to stress and lack of sleep; but it turns out the more frequently we indulge in sexual intercourse, the better our sleeping habits and patterns get. The endorphins and oxytocin we release when we climax help in ensuring that we sleep better, since they act almost like a sedative (Now, we have an actual scientific reason for falling asleep straight after sex, even if it is in the afternoon).

Headache? Cure Easy!

sex benefits

It helps cure headaches and migraines. So the next time you hear the age old excuse that your partner has a “headache”, you now know the cure.

Prevent Cancer!

sex benefits

It helps reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men, it also helps improve their life expectancy. So if you gents want to live a long life, you know how to get there.

Girls, Read!

sex benefits

For the ladies, it helps relieve premenstrual and menstrual cramps; it also improves their fertility. So ladies, now when it is that time of the month, you can gain some relief through sex.

The Happy Space

sex benefits

Sex helps you have better mental health. You feel increased satisfaction in your mental health, increased levels of trust, intimacy and even love. It improves your ability to identify emotions in other people; it most importantly helps destress you.

The Glow…of Confidence

One of the best things about sex is that it boosts your confidence, helping you look younger and have a more youthful glow to your skin. So, there may actual be some truth to the phrase “after sex glow”.

So, what should your take away be from this article? Your orgasms play a significant part in your life, you may not realise it, but even the act of masturbation can help benefit your own life. The physical, emotional and psychological benefits in your life that are improved due to sex are many, but it is a personal choice to you with whom and when you share the experience. Be smart about things, do not ever force yourself to do anything; just know that once you do share it with someone who you want to share it with, the benefits are great. You will find an increased sense of relief and happiness in your life; and isn’t that what we all want? To be happy? I know, I do.   



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