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Hipsters of the world unite! Wait, are you being sarcastic?

January 5, 2016

Let’s play a little quiz. You need to find a word. That's about it. It starts with letter S and ends with the letter C. Here’s a clue: If served with liberal doses, it often becomes a pain in the neck for those who come to be victimized with this ‘weapon of choice’. And, in most cases it is the hipsters who are stoned with it, minus the pebbles and gravel off course. Any guess yet? In case you are still wondering what sarcastic means,  then let’s find out how Webster defines it. images   Now this may hurt a little. A sharp and often satirical or ironic utterance designed to cut or give  pain.   Ouch. Did that get nasty? If not, then there’s always a window pane you could break to prove your point that you can take it.

Being Sarcocalm down

But truth be told, being sarcastic, which has got absolutely no reference to Saif Ali Khan’s smart ass flick, Being Cyrus, has proved that the world is a happier place. Has it not? So imagine you are having a terrible day which isn’t very difficult to imagine since we hardly ever get to embrace traffic free roads or and someone at your office, looking at your not so pretty face asks you the inevitable question; “are you sad”? How would you react? For sure, you won’t be too keen on buying that Einstein a beer or say, a mug of Irish coffee, if being refined is absolutely necessary? In another situation, you arrive dead late at home after having globe-trotting half of the world from that usual “oh so swanky” business conference, only to discover some guests have arrived unplanned! Wow And, yes, it isn’t too unusual to discover these dangerous species in our world right! So how would you be? Wouldn’t you want to give them; emotional befrienders from a faraway land: a huge send off? In case you don’t plan to, we aren’t here to encourage. After all, wouldn’t that make us rowdy? But if yes, then Sarcasm is your license to kill the ‘buzzkills’ a term that Owen Wilson often describes with verve in his films.

The ‘full on’ dudes and chicks

good-guy-cashier                                                    (     Sarcasm is in. It is happening. And yet, it isn’t the in thing, so to speak. Lest assured when an attempt to cajole or just indulge in harmless fun, which is how sarcasm is conceived here in an India that is yet to ‘drive home the point’ about wicked humor, goes out of hand, one sees ‘a wide array of results’, a phrase one has got accustomed to seeing in powerpoint slides. Here’s how: If you tread toward the North of the country, the region where there are less mountains and lesser ‘nature valleys’ and more shopping malls, more rape cases, frequent cases of inter-caste marriages, yes out of damn fear, and what not- you’d notice that in the capital there exists a huge psychological divide between the Delhiwala’s. It’s not very hard to observe whilst traversing the simple, fun loving locales of an East Delhi, toward the happening part of the city; South, as described by people who are commonly found uttering the phrase megalomaniacal to themselves, that there an aspirational drive that finds its voice toward southern part of the city, beating everyday traffic and absurdities of being in the world’s largest democracy’s capital. To an average Delhiite, unworried by school grades and density of the wallet, yes, there are some, this is established norm. funny It is believed that somewhere the Hot Chicks; which truth be told exist everywhere, with or without microwave oven; coupled with better liquor, whatever that means and, ‘big cars’, the oh so ‘funky’, ‘polish’, are in the South. And yes, these aren’t perverse indications toward maligning the city. This is how it goes, rather has been. But it must be said Delhi, your pilgrimage toward show-off, as one hears from the rest of the country isn’t the only one acting mean or loud. What? Is it too sad to consume this? pretentious_o_1039810 Enter the ‘Bombay’, no wait, ‘Mumbai’, oh what should it be, the Millennium City perhaps, and there we see sarcasm reaching new heights of absurdity, humor and above all; good fun. mumbai jokes (

Meet the Obnoxious Townie Lemur

main-qimg-d50eaefd01762f2b522c203884fbe384 So there are two main parts of the city of dreams, very simply, South Bombay, which comes first (necessarily, if you don’t aspire to be kicked in the gut) and the Burbs, not referencing to the highly watchable Tom Hanks comedy in the eighties. No wait, did I just say 2 parts? There are 3 with New Bombay included. How can we not include Panvel, Nerul and the likes? Due apologies notwithstanding, Bombay or Mumbai, howsoever you like to call it, has been at the cusp of a self-manufactured identity crisis as far as declaring the love for the city in its entirety is concerned. A mere look at  focused on the highs and lows of the turf war between what’s cooking between; South Bombay or the suburbs, i.e., suburban Mumbai and the often highly debated identity crisis of an otherwise beautiful and poignant city, makes for some rant-reading. come-at-me-bro With its casual banter and mocking, don’t read Mockingjay, it takes the ongoing debate between the acceptance and on other occasions the lack of it, between Mumbaikars-who could be anyone including those who hate the city but settle down eventually to make a living here or even Yo Yo Honey Singh fans given the powerful cosmopolitan identity of the city-to a new level. lemur jokes With liberal dosages of occasional ‘direct in the eye’ punches, the power of sarcasm leading to  a thorough understanding of Mumbai’s wicked and often perplexed  cultural identity is effectively conveyed and trust me, there’s nothing obnoxious about humor is it? Lemur, the not so humble, polite but, seemingly powerful symbol of dumb, and duplicitous identity, isn’t your perfect definition of beauty, if you ‘look it up’ on navigating through the lack of internet connectivity in Modi Ji’s smart India. And, this is with due regards to the  

Who made the Townie Lemur obnoxious?

Obnoxious townie lemur and friends It’s been a while that I’ve known the force behind Obnoxious Townie Lemur and Friends. Whether you did or did not go to Oxford, you won’t have to pass a litmus test to prove that you understood the jokes. This down-t0-earth lad hailing from the 'ideas industry' is smart and funny and, isn't influenced by what others’ 'think' and what 'they say'.  Guess that’s where the witty one liners and at times subtle but bratty takes on Bombay emanate from. The social media page that has near perfectly captured the disassociation between the city’s own people, one who live happily and crazily together as one city, as well that’s the only choice, albeit with funny but self-created and, on other occasions borrowed wisdom of others can’t help but label the ‘city of dreams’ from the lens of where they hail from.   mumbai funny map   Those from Colaba, Marine Drive or Worli, composite of South of Bombay, regarded as town or classic Bombay can’t often stand and won’t on any given day unless The Empire Strikes back or maybe even not; their counterparts, who they would otherwise be seen working with in professional ambits or even married to, as they hail from Sub-urban Mumbai; Bandra, Matunga, Andheri, Juhu and so on and forth.  

You are cool and happening or you thought so

The Bao Haus Co   The suburban dudes and chicks who are clever and feisty tacticians of organizing and dwelling on “cool” party scenes and night outs spending fat-paychecks (well, isn’t that how we judge success in Urban India) into a wild night, and wild isn’t the synonym for the obvious four letter word - often complain and rightly so, since the honorable Supreme Court hasn’t yet given a verdict on the lameness of this irrational divide- about the So-Bo (south Bombay) attitude. They are considered ‘insular’ when it comes to accepting the god darn fact that the rest of the city is as happening and ‘alive’ as the good old’ South Bombay.

Smiling is free of cost and isn’t just available on the idiot box

nothing intriguing   But whether you like it or not, OTLF, isn’t a vague idea. Neither is it around to throw lame insults where it’s most deserved. Before you take out a loin cloth, to wipe your tears about this emotional disconnect between the so called happening and not so happening, which isn’t being addressed in the parliament and may never be, an India minus GDP growth and impish dreams and collective worries about climate change, pollution and the lack of acceptance of our LGBT friends deserves to laugh and laugh endlessly. thats-my-secret-o0ijgx   This ‘uber cool’ page about ‘refinement’ and ‘nasty attitudes’ is helping to crack up big time. And no, crack isn’t just always about the butt. So, let’s smoke up some fun bro!!  


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