Top 7 Safety & Security Apps for Women !

Are we really safe? We work, we travel, we take care of our children especially in the present times women are walking equally or to be precise even a step further from men but our safety is at stake. We should learn to protect ourselves using tactics and technology.

When i say protection I don’t mean to say we should restrict ourselves in fact we should step out more often to prove that we are not afraid of the ‘stronger sex’ in our society that means we should be bold enough to protect ourselves and we don’t need to rely on men always to take care of us.

Science and technology has already stepped up in the case of gadgets. We have so many apps which are updating every month after the Nirbhaya case which took place in the capital.

Have a quick look at some of these apps which come for free and can prove to be our friend for life.

1. I Go Safely

You just have to shake your phone vigorously or simply unplug the headphones and it will alert your contacts with Emails and text messages via GPS locations. So, the messages include your GPS position, street address and it also gives you the access to record and send a 30-second voice recording.


2. Smart 24 x 7 

With the additional options of tracking and chatting most noteworthy it clicks pictures and records audios-videos of the spot adding to that you can use the panic button where you can contact the police directly, most importantly in the absence of GPS  you can send the location via SMS.


3. Women Safety Secured

It can catch the signs of vulnerability and attack hence, you just have to shout or cry loudly and it will automatically send your location to all the emergency contacts.


4. I’m Shakti

Often when are mind suffers from panic attacks it becomes difficult to react or perform any procedure which some apps demand you to. This app is very handy it works while you press your power button for 5 times in a time period of 2 seconds. The App then sends alert message containing your location to your emergency contacts where in the case of a shaky location it will update itself after reaching to a stable place and forward your location.

5. Being Safe

This app performs like all the other apps mentioned that is, it will inform your contacts about your location but you can reach out to as many contacts as you want to. It also updates the users of this app under certain network range.


6. RideSafe

This is a great app where you get an option of sharing the route of your ride with any one from your contact list who can track your entire route adding to that it also identifies route deviation and alerts your contacts and the police under such case.


7. Safetipin

This app comes with a bundle of options to ensure your safety which clearly includes the general features of contacting with the emergency list and sending your GPS location most importantly this app offers you with the mapping of safe areas which you can refer in the case of trouble and you can also mark the unsafe areas according to your experience.


Download them now!


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