Rafting is fun, adventurous…. live it real time

Not for the faint hearted though…. rapids big and small come along the way.

but guess what ? if we carry too much baggage / get scared @ the low and stop the jounrney- if not physically stop, but least mentally stop enjoying it, feel emotions of ” turrbulence”, scare, what lies ahead etc…… the moment is ruined. the journey is spoilt.

Where as, if we have a blue print in mind and have just the adequate helpful supplies for existing, and know that hey this is the road map and ups and downs are there, boulders will come too, but got to manouver around them.

Our life and it’s various faceds actually are congruent to rafting. its not a computer program of need  to  hit 100 simulations or not a start up that need to hit 1000 transactions or not a marketing campaigning that need to hit 1000 likes.

the end result is clear, picture is fairly there, but we have got to live it real time .. and take issues with a pinch of salt and humour and learn from it and

“mitti pao”

This is more like a beta version. Always under test and iteration. With product development to what suits the best .

So “mitti pao”, change in real time and not look back.

Take it, move on.


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