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Haven’t we all heard the word ‘be a sport’. Sports really define our lives. Since we can’t always have our kicks from the verve of entrepreneurship or the upheaval of an intense political heat here in an India, often struggling to take cognizance of its infinite talents, sports breathe in some life back to us.

But, let’s face it. We are a passionate lot. And, it reflects in the very way we conduct ourselves. Whether we communicate in our households or exchange pleasantries over social media, the new age paradigm marking our lives, we seldom refrain from expressing our heart’s desire.


One is got to admit, that this feeling reaches the peak of expression and candidness whilst following sports in India. And reflects the feel of our heart while playing one as well. Don’t you think?

As fans of sports we remain so involved in a game, regardless of the nature or level of competition that it literally gives us more wings than an energy drink. We fly high with the success of our heroes and we take pride in victories we passionately root for. Off course, there are disappointments as well, but the wise say, they only make us strong. Yet, at some level, we have all fancied the lives of sportsmen and we too want to be like them. Sadly, those who prefer daydreaming over real field or pitch action since laziness often comes too naturally to us, miss out the fun of playing a sport. But, not all miss out on real sporting action. Even if it isn’t about playing the sport on a sold out venue.

One must never undermine the power of your neighborhood or locale after all. Remember, this is the place where you first tried your real hand at an authentic sport. And thank god, not everyone decided to get stuck with video games. You can be all that you want to be, a mickey come lately or an angry bird once you get down to business, which literally means playing a sport where it’s best enjoyed. And, no the idiot box or the slow paced streaming videos that promise so much and give too little aren’t your ideal idea behind experiencing a sport. Nothing can reduce the pertinence of a sport pitch and that of the people in whose souls it ignites a fire.

Once you follow a sport and start believing in one, you become the sport yourself. That is the DNA of a real fan, follower, crazed, maniac and call it what you may. And, it is that neighborhood football ground where you first started getting a feel that you could be Messi or Mata, or the cricket pitch seeing which you were reminded of Kohli and Gayle, the local club where you first learnt how to slam dunk like Shaquille O’ Neil- which is the real battleground.

But, there’s a looming sad reality pervading our everyday existence in 21st century India. We seldom find time and when we do, then players with whom you could seriously connect and bond over a sport like the way you do whilst following a game. Our lives have become such complicated! When the laptops and Playstations stop taking control over our lives and we end up realizing that now is the time to go out there and perform, we mostly find the sport phonetics missing. Must we remember that ranting about a sport and mere discussion is one thing. But, to perform at a sport and to play it with people is quite another. It is a feeling that even a live or recorded game and its reminiscence cannot warrant or match.


Truth be told, there are all there and are actually in plenty. This is India and there never can be shortage of die-hard sport enthusiasts.  These aren’t average fans. They don’t remain glued to remembering a sport icon’s personal life. Rather what fills their hungry palate is the ability to perform at their favorite sport in a manner like their own sporting icons.

We just need to find the right kind of people and the right set of mindsets with whom we can burn rubber on the competitive arena, which would be a playground, a school pitch that allows just about everyone to partake in the sporting adventure. In other cases, clubs and members only entries toward fields and grounds where every-day sporting spectacles inspire awe akin to watching a live Wimbledon game. All that one requires is the right set of people and players with whom we could align our interests and passions.

What’s Up Life was looking for answers from someone who could guide us as to how could one identify and recognize “the right set of people” with whom we could rival, ally or compete whilst playing a sport. Sports there are many, players there are many but platforms that bring sportspersons together and helps you to identify similar passions and likings are few. We were happy we came across you- Rivalot.

The Rivalot Story

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Rivalot is your friendly “go out there and hit it hard at your favorite sport” app which aligns you to the sport buddies you were always looking to play with, and yes, in real life in all flesh and blood and away from the rudimentary but short lived fun of just ‘connecting’ over networks that promote mere interactions.

Time for some real action and talking

rivalot india

Rivalot, fundamentally means Rival- a lot of them. All sort of sport fans and players who wouldn’t let go of an opportunity to play a game the moment presented with a chance. It is one of a kind app that helps sports enthusiasts find partners to play real life sports with.

To make it simpler to comprehend, since as it is too much of complexity has often overtaken our lives, one could say it is nothing short of the Tinder for sports enthusiasts.

Rivalot, which emphasizes on the need to reduce the boundaries that exist between sport enthusiasts and sports buddies by bringing them together through a platform where they can connect and then hit off in real playing any sport they love, and yes the list is endless, was ideated when co- founder, Varun Panjwani was hanging out with a friend in Mumbai at his place on just one of those casual banter filled days a

We met with Varun and he shared his sparkle and excitement whilst discussing about Rivalot and more details about the exciting new app.

Could you talk us through the moment wherein you cracked the idea of Rivalot


A dear friend happens to be a cricket enthusiast and we often engage in discussions about various kinds of sports. He was telling me about over the course of a weekend that whenever his buddies are busy or not available to play, he plays with little kids in his area. That sport means something to him is an understatement. I was hooked instantly to the thought that maybe here’s an idea. I thought it could really help sports enthusiasts to play more and engage with individuals who fancy playing a particular sport, rather than just restricting oneself over a talk or banter about the sport which otherwise all of us do without much ado.


What all sports are you offering through Rivalot?

Currently, we are offering the most played sports in India like Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, Football et cetera.  But, soon we plan to incorporate all kinds of sports into our technical infrastructure and hence, the idea.

Could you share the idea behind the name of the application?

Sports is all about competitiveness and rivalry. The name stemmed from the word Rival. It means
Rival a lot (Play a lot), Rivalot! And it is when we play and get down to actually strutting our stuff on the pitch or that field, that fuels the person inside of us that real excitement takes over. Social media has its plusses. No denying that. I am on it. You are on it as all of us are. But, you would rather play a sport and take your love and passion for it as real as it gets instead of just discussing it or debating it on platforms. I guess that’s the real spirit behind starting Rivalot.

What in your view – is the market for sports related apps in India?

The market size is pretty huge. Be it Cricket, Football, Swimming, or any other sport, we all have played some kind of sport at a level. We intend to increase the frequency of playing and make playing sports a way of life.

We not only plan to connect sports enthusiasts with one another, but also want to provide them all kinds of resources that’ll help them to play more and be more actively involved in the pleasure of playing the sport. That’s the real fun and idea behind our initiative.



What’s Up Life wishes team Rivalot a fantastic future ahead in a country that practically runs on sports, nearly a religion. So if Football makes us crazy, Tennis brings out the aces among us and if its Golf that makes you swing into the thick of things, apart from leaping high with Basketball, just bring it on with Rivalot.

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