Meet Our Millionaire Beggars…..It’s all True!

There are professions…..and there are….beggars! Nope, I am not hitting sarcasm here, a true believer in sensitivity towards the down trodden. But this revelation, that I am about to share with you, has really got me by the throat. So, do you know ‘poor’ India has some millionaires to her credit. Again, not the Tatas or Ambanis….but from the core of the country, from the streets of India. Not surprising that begging is taken seriously and carried out with precision and discipline. Presenting……the Millionaire Beggars of india!

Bharat Jain

millionaire beggars

52 years old, Bharat jain, is no less than a celebrity, been covered by various bloggers and media platforms, he is has made it to our list too. He works (?) in the Parel region in Mumbai and is a proud owner of two apartments valued at INR 70 Lakhs. That isn’t all,,,,he owns a shop rented out to a juice corner that earns him INR 10000 per month as rent!  His total monthly earnings are a whopping INR 75000 a month. Ok, I am seriously inspired!

Krishna Kumar Gite

millionaire beggars

You can spot Krishna Kumar Gite begging at his spot at CP tank near Charni Road Mumbai. A celebrity ( of sorts) in his own right, his daily earnings reach INR 1500 on an average. He also owns an apartment at Nallasopora, where he lives with his brother.

Chotu Barik

millionaire beggars

hailing fro Jharkhand, Chakradharpur, Chotu Barik is famously known as ‘Millionaire beggar’. This, owing to his assets as a beggar, his side utensils business run by his three wives (wow)! His main source of income remains begging, earning him INR 1000-1200 per day. Despite his legs handicapped, he attends business meetings and also has an inflow of commission through his marketing skills, for a marketing chain. If anything, his grit is praiseworthy.


millionaire beggars

Known as Malana Khan, Massu is in his mid-60s and makes a living….no points for guessing…off begging. Pretty disciplined in the field, he religiously takes an auto rickshaw to his begging spot, changes his attire and works 8 hours everyday. He is a proud owner of a property worth 30 lakhs and an apartment in Andheri West!

Sarvatia Devi

millionaire beggars

Sarvatia Devi hails from Patna….homeless?? Not really! She is a very proud owner of a house  behind Ashok Cinema. A very smart businesswoman, yes she is, having her economics sorted. She pays an annual insurance policy premium of INR 36000. Smart, eh?

Sambhaji Kale

millionaire beggars

You can spot him in the Khar region of Mumbai. Earning INR 1000 per day on an average, he seems pretty content . His ownership extends to an apartment in Virar. His property ownerships include two houses and a land in Solapur city. Pro active in his monetary dealings, he has some investments and savings worth lakhs in the bank.

They are but just a few that have come into the limelight….Begging is a way of life for more than half the population in India. lack of amenities and opportunities, lead them to make a full fledged occupation out of it….can we really blame them?

Though the insight and management of  monetary gains exhibited by them cannot be over looked. Only if it could be diverted towards a constructive channel!


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