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Revisiting the tragic events of September 9/11 attacks of 2001

September 10, 2017

Often in the case of visiting the alley of History, there are certain dates and timelines that blur our memories with pain and suffering. They impose a direct attack on our psyche and lead to a consternation of our conscience. While remembering history and the course of some of its events, it isn't always that happiness and unparalleled joy greet us as we wind the clocks back.

September, otherwise known for its pleasant weather where in the United States the sun often casts a breezy shine upon its denizens on the East coast wasn't in particular a remarkable one, if one speaks of what transpired 14 years ago, at the heart of one of America's most loved cities. You could say, what one has got accustomed to seeing on the big movie screen where massive destruction caused at the heart of a vibrant city, an interesting plot straight out of a fictionalized script came to happen for real. The date was the tragic September 11, 2001. The event, 9/11 high jacking of 4 airliners and the cause of destruction, 2 highjacked planes colliding into the massively tall World Trade Centre towers, popularly known as the twin towers.


Who would have thought that on an otherwise pleasant and regular peaceful day at the heart of Manhattan would within the space of a few hours since the start of a busy working day become the greatest tragedy that a country of the stature of the great United States would come to witness?

Taking into cognizance the senseless carnage

Out of the 4 hijacked planes, 2 came to collide at the break of the early afternoon, crashing at high velocity into the North and within minutes, into the South twin tower of the WTC, in the New York City.

Those who saw their end coming were people from different nationalities, some from the heartland of United States, some from Canada, England and elsewhere. 3000 of them who lost their lives in the colossal damage that al-Qaeda's terrorists brought upon perhaps the most magnanimous of all American cities, simply for its standard of living, employment, entrepreneurial vibe and multi cultural cosmopolitan spirit, were either proud parents, youngsters from different ends of the societal spectrum, grandparents to their loving children and many dreamers and lovers who had sought in America, either since their birth or settlement a land of myriad dreams. Sadly, these utterly harmless lives weren't going to live another day and from official state records, many of them dropped messages to their families or left voice calls at their homes, informing their loved ones that they would never make it home.

One the very same day, 1 other airliner crashed several miles away from the New York city into the Pentagon, the US Department of Defense at capital Washington D.C., and the final, fourth hijacked plane crashed into a field at Pennsylvania.

9-11Who dares wins, but al-Qaeda dared the most potent force in the world

To this day, how did a group of just 19 militants associated with the Islamist militant group of al-Qaeda came to wreck an America known for its superior military might and ever vigilant defense preparedness, one would never know.

How this cunning and devilish clan of terror masterminds jolted the United States and in turn, harmed the world economy in a manner that none would have dared to attempt remains the perfect constituent of a thriller movie plot that contains elements of thrill, audacious undoing and mindless scourge. What al-Qeda under the tutelage of Osama Bin Laden attempted and got away with was not just a scary reminder but, perhaps the most gruesome accounts of attacks ever perpetrated and successfully carried out on the world's greatest super power.

The then President of the United States, George Bush jr., one of the most unliked public figures of the world and amongst the notoriously sheepish world leaders never cared to bring in public light the actual reasons that caused such a volatile damage to his America. To this day, America remains clearly the most powerful world economy and militarily strong country, miles ahead of its harsh opponent, Russia and close ally, Germany and Britain.

Looking at the destruction from a closer view

How on earth did al-Qaeda manage to orchestrate such a supremely cunning and deceptively planned attack that led to the crashing of, first the American Airlines Boeing 767 into the North tower, a flight that was loaded with 20,000 gallons of jet fuel? What transpired at around 8.45 a.m. on a clear Tuesday morning was to further blind the vision of an otherwise supreme military power. Within minutes, the 110-story skyscraper that got holed in at the 80th floor came crashing like nine pins on a bowling alley game. Then after 18 exact minutes of the first colossal destruction, al-Qaeda operatives crashed United Airlines flight 175 into the South Twin tower, another Boeing 767. This time, the velocity of the collision was ever mightier and it cranked up a hole into the 60th floor of the building.911-attacks

The falling debris, the dust smoked cloud, people scrambling over one another and fatally meeting their uncalled for end was to be the stuff of nightmare that horror movie fans imagine in the most gory and unavoidable films. Soon as the 2nd hijacked plane crashed, one heard a massive sound of explosion, whose echo reverberates around the world 14 years after the day it actually happened, carrying the sound of despair that seems to have not been forgotten yet and may just never be considering the magnitude of this ill minded destruction brought on America in the most savage accounts of terrorism ever.

Not only was the attack fatal for it ended thousands of civilian lives, it even killed 343 New York City Firefighters. The attack whose masterminds were Islamist radicals from Saudi Arabia and several other Arab nations, was financed by Saudi fugitive and the now deceased Osama Bin Laden, who for long evaded capture and went into hiding, at times deep within the mountainous regions of Balochistan (bordering Pakistan, Afghanistan) and at times, into the rural hiding spaces of an ever volatile Pakistan, now regarded as detrimental to the world as is Cancer to the body.

Questions and questions continue to haunt America

Most of the 9/11 collaborators from Saudi Arabia and elsewhere are rumored to have been planning the attack at least 2 years in advance from the date of the imposing carnage.

911The United States, for all its deceptive and clever constructed Public Relations strategy that involved many needless counter attacks on its Arab enemies among the endless threats it so clinically manufactured on mainstream media was clearly left wanting and has to this day not given a substantial answer that how did an attack of such potent destruction ever take place on its soil? Rather, did America conveniently slip in and turned a blind eye on the attack whose knowledge was already foretold to them by their most successful intelligence agency, the CIA in liaison with their only powerful ally in the Middle East, Israel?

Policy makers, economic and social commentators, media moguls, even Hollywood celebrities and to this day, the grieving and despairing family members of those who lost their lives that perhaps could have been saved easily had things been controlled and not laid bare to the terrorists' control question the validity, fabric and authenticity of America's failure in preventing the attack of epic proportions.

Purely from the perspective of military and defense perspective, the 9/11 Commission report, a famous government cleared finding cleared by the American Senate as the most transparent and totalitarian account of the events as they appeared way back in 2001 leaves many questions unanswered. How did the Saudi terrorists manage to clear the 4 important air ports, slipping past the highly vigilant state security, especially the clever TSA, carrying all the paraphernalia they needed to construct small but valuable potent pivots allowing them to cause such a grand attack has not yet been answered?

Most scary and mind-numbing of all findings at the heart of the 9/11 tragedy is that how on earth did as many as 3000 Jewish employees, all civilians (apparently) who worked in both North and South Towers didn't turn up for work on the day this unwilling carnage came to strike the New York City. Was there a role of the Israeli organization Amdocs( telecommunications and technology company) based in NY, that apparently recorded and sent transcripts of all phone, email and fax communications, at least 6 months prior to 9/11 had a secret role in this grave undoing? What on earth were the FBI, CIA and other highly capable intelligence tentacles of America up to in their surveillance of their country, especially of the migrants that a tacit America unwillingly accepts into its own soil much to its own despise, especially of those who hail from the Middle East.

The United States may have surely killed Bin Laden in an audacious and clever surveillance plan conducted by its elite forces, the US Navy seals, bringing the terror mastermind to justice, but perhaps there are some out there at large who may not be willing to expose the actual truth behind the fatality now occupying sympathetic eyes, both in America and from its allied nations, known as the September 11 attacks

The following are the views of the author are in no way an indication or his or her personal take on the event . In no way does it mean to inflict pain or hurt to any sentiment of anyone. Sources for ascertaining facts in the article have been and


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Revisiting the tragic events of September 9/11 attacks of 2001

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