Retreats Around The Ganges: Embark On The Adventurous Leg In Rishikesh  

A hub for the adrenaline junkies, a pilgrimage for the devotees and a treasure trove for the nature lovers, Rishikesh proves to be an ideal getaway. The scenic city on the banks of Holy Ganges attracts tourists for its breathtaking beauty and remarkable adventure sports.  This spiritual place abodes the wonders of Yoga and revives their senses in the company of nature. Showcasing an idyllic amalgamation of adventure with spirituality, it has become favourite tourist destinations for people encompassing all generations and interests. And for these people, wishing to experience the allure of nature at its zenith with a luxurious experience, there is nothing retreats in Tapovanbetter than retreats around the Ganges in Rishikesh to fulfil their fantasy.

Second Life Resort

retreats around the ganges

Second Life Resort is one of those luxury retreats around the Ganges, in Rishikesh, that’s big on adventure and thrills. Not only does it offer comfortable accommodation and modern conveniences in tents but it makes sure your stay is packed with activities. River rafting is one such activity and the Ganga has several grades so that it’s not just adults who can enjoy it but kids as well. Bungee jumping is another and plunging down towards the Huel river is an unforgettable experience you don’t want to miss.

Where: Village Jogiana, Mahadevan, Rishikesh

Call: 9873186252

Cost: INR 1,800-2,500

Amenities: Adventure activities are included in all camping packages

Glasshouse on the Ganges

retreats around the ganges

This one needs no introduction. Owned by the famous Neemrana group of hotels, Glasshouse on the Ganges is counted among the best riverside resorts in Rishikesh. Offering accommodation in cottages, individual rooms and tents, there’s no other resort in Rishikesh that lets you stay this close to the river. Besides, the entire property is set within a lychee and mango orchard owned by the Maharajas of Tehri Garhwal. That’s a perfect marriage of royalty and nature for you. There’s a garden full of tropical plants, rare species of birds and butterflies, and a private white sand beach–a feature no other resort can boast of. Needless to say, the resort offers some of the finest whitewater rafting tours.

Where: Near 23rd Milestone, Rishikesh-Badrinath Road, Tehri Garhwal District, GularDogi

Call: 9412076420

Call: INR 9,000-16,000

Amenities: Spa facility with detoxification and rejuvenation treatments; adventure activities such as river rafting, trekking, rock climbing, cliff jumping, temple visits and visits to Rajaji National Park

Ganga Kinare

retreats around the ganges

The name of this resort is no misnomer, rather it is what it says it is–the property sits beautifully on the banks of River Ganga for close to two decades now. Keeping the location aside, this resort is known for being one of the most therapeutic hotels in the area. And it’s been famous for its yoga and wellness sessions since 1989. More so, because the resort has hosted the International Yoga Week quite a number of times. Talking about the rooms, each one of them lets you witness and feel the serene environment around River Ganga and its tranquil surroundings, including the Rajaji National Park and the lush green mountains around.

Where: The resort is 23 km from Haridwar railway station.

Call: 9015544000

Cost: INR 4,000-7,000.

Atali Ganga

retreats around the ganges

Sitting quietly on the top of a hill, surrounded by a green cover, the Atali Ganga resort offers accommodation in 22 independent cottages, each of which offers stunning views of the Ganga valley. The interiors of these cottages have been carefully crafted to offer the qualities of modern architecture, blended well with the natural environment. What sets the resort apart from the rest is its unique location–while it offers valley views like no other in the area, the property itself is in the middle of a reserve forest filled with several colourful birds and trees. Besides, there are a plethora of adventure activities on offer including a 24-foot climbing wall, rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, abseiling, hiking, yoga, and jumaring.

Where: Milestone 30, Rishikesh-Badrinath Road, Tehri Garhwal

Call: 7060072708

Cost: INR 13,000-36,000

Amenities: Outdoor activities such as river rafting, high ropes course, kayaking, mountain biking and camping can be arranged.

Aloha on the Ganges

retreats around the ganges

The Ganga really creates the perfect setting for relaxation and adventure. Aloha on the Ganges, one of the best retreats around the ganges, makes sure that you get even more. Comfort is key here and the accommodation reflects this. Guests can choose rooms with views of the hills or the Ganga or opt for a standard serviced apartment for a home-away-from-home feel.

Where: National Highway 58, Tapovan

Call: 9555088000

Cost: Approximately INR 6,000 onwards

Amenities: Spa treatments at Village Spa by Tattva; popular adventure activities such as rock climbing and river rafting.

Lakshman Jhula Divine Resort

retreats around the ganges

All your desires for a blissful holiday in one of the wonderful resorts in Rishikesh will come to an end in the Lakshman Jhula Divine Resort! Seated graciously in the lap of the Himalayas, it overlooks the holy Ganges and creates an ideal ambience that contributes to a memorable holiday experience. The gurgling waters, pleasant breeze, evergreen outlook and the openness of the resort; everything is so fresh and captivating here!

Where: Near Church, Laxman Jhula Road, Tapovan, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Call: 8171957799

Cost: INR 5,000-7,000

Amenities: River Rafting, Adventure Tours, Excursions & Spa

Ganga Beach Resort


retreats around the ganges

Standing intact with the essence and vibes of Rishikesh, this is one of that retreats around the ganges which uplifts a surreal and pleasant ambience for its patrons. Be it with the living rooms or the other facilities within here, everything speaks out volume about the sanctity and sacredness of the city.

Where: Shesdhara, Tapovan, Laxman Jhula Road, Rishikesh

Call: 9821703600

Cost: INR 5,000 – 7,500

Amenities: River Rafting, Jungle Trekking, Sightseeing & Camping, Spa, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Multi Cuisine Restaurant & Steam Bath.

Aranyam River Retreat

aranyam retreats around the ganges

For the wildlife lovers, Aranyam River Retreat proves to be an ultimate resorts near Rishikesh to encounter the lush and opulent beauty of nature’s wilderness! Nestled amidst the thick and evergreen canopies of Rajaji National Park on the banks of the gurgling Hyule River, this holiday home in Rishikesh can be called as the gateway to the wilderness of the region!

Where: Sinduri, Uttarakhand

Call: 011 4353 9195

Cost: starting from INR 2,900.

Alia on the Ganges

retreats around the ganges

One of the popular retreats around the Ganges, this property blends contemporary living with its surroundings, in style. Spread over an area of five acres, this riverside property offers some of the most mesmerising views of River Ganga and its surroundings. Offering accommodations in plush villas, every part of this resort overlooks the Ganga and the Chilla forest range of the Rajaji National Park bordering it at the distance. While staying here, one realises how clean, soothing and beautiful the Ganga is–better than you might have ever imagined it to be.

Where: Location: Near Rajaji National Park, Chilla Range, Shyampu, rNoamabad, Haridwar

Call: 76690 04301

Cost: INR 13,500-70,000

Amenities: Wildlife Safari, Bird Watching, River Rafting, Yoga & Meditation, Cliff Jumping, Body Surfing, Mountain Biking, Bungee, Flying Fox & Rock Climbing.

Junglee Resort

retreats around the ganges

Next on our list of luxury resorts in Rishikesh is Junglee Resort. Here, getting back to basics and indulging in luxury aren’t mutually exclusive. You can enjoy both! It’s located inside Rajaji National Park, giving guests a unique perspective of the wildlife and plant life. The resort offers safari tents, wood houses, brick houses, tree houses and a hutment dormitory, each catering to your sense of adventure and with different views of the surrounding landscape.

Where: HaridwarRishikeshChilla Canal Road, near Village Kaudia, Vindhyavasini Temple.

Call: 8506055650

Cost: INR 1,200-7,500

Amenities: Hiking into Rajaji National Park and enjoying a cozy bonfire; adventure activities such as bird-watching, safari and games. Guests can also avail of Ayurveda massages and practice yoga.


Nestled amidst lush greeneries, guarded by numerous fascinating hills and mountains, this magnificent city has a plethora of retreats around the ganges to have a tryst with nature.



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