Dipti Datta

The ‘Main Yahaan Hoon’ Syndrome Catches On… In Case You Missed The Expert Comments

August 13, 2019

The world is changing, the people are changing, opinions (in plenty) are changing. With the leverage on free speech and feminism, reconsideration on any kind of expression seems to have flown out of the window.... especially on the 'free for all, open to all' social media. Like they say, with freedom comes great responsibility.... Does it? Has it?

social media

Whenever I read derogatory comments on Facebook, I would shove it off as 'another attention seeking' attempt. Reading comments often... OPINIONS that seem to have been presented to certain people as their birthright to hurl demeaning personal comments on a public platform, spiralling it into a full fledge 'war', amuses me. Ignorance or lack of responsible social media presence?

social media

Is social media now a vent for those who have no place to express opinions or has it transformed to an attention seeking caper? A friend called them as 'Tigers In open grounds.' ... the 'main yahan hoon' syndrome which has got people seeking attention wherever they can grab it. Bemused I was at the ironic reality. Is it really? With all the talk of being responsible citizens.... how about being responsible on social media?

If you were privy to some of more fanatic comments after scrapping of article 370 was announced, you'd probably wish that, some of the people on your friend list who threatened to remove those from theirs who dared to have an opinion different from them, removed you regardless.

social media

Something even as personal as the rains creating havoc due to lack of management by the authorities, had a few pretending to be the 'karta dhartas' of the city, lashing out at those who dared to speak the truth! Now, here is my 'opinion'.... If you weren't among those who had broken down cars half filled with flood water or if you were lucky enough to not be the helpless driver in a drowning car in an underpass, then..... I have to break it to you.... You are not eligible to be opinionated.

social media

Has social media reduced friendships to political like mindedness? Can these people not agree to disagree and learn to co exist as human beings rather than battalions drawing swords? Suddenly everyone has graduated to being influencers, citizens... and loyal ones, if you please, who have taken the onus of charging head-on towards anyone who 'dared' to post.... just about anything! Dare you post anything.... Why? Because commenting is their right, bhai!

By no means an attempt to be a social media nazi, my concerns lie with the question- is there no decent route to expression? Do we really need attention grabbing tactics, read, 'I am here, see me, hear me'? Or is it the sudden surge of these platforms as influencers that is being used as a battle ground? Who knows?

social media

While I acknowledge the medium as an arena to also bring forth issues of relevance and the people's sensitivity towards them, there is an urgent need to keep our reins well placed in our hands, and the presence of mind to pull them well in time!

And so i thought why not extend some food for thought, and give something to comment about? My most unexpected muse... the delinquent user! I let you decide if you want to be one.....

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