7 Reasons Why Monsoon Is The Best Season Ever!

Monsoon is in full swing and let’s admit it, the sound of the rains is more melodious than any of the chart-busters. All the thundering clouds, cracking lightning, and the whiff of fresh air gets us very pumped up. It’s the time when poets and writers pen down their most creative pieces. But it won’t be long before we start cribbing over the water-logging and traffic mess that the season offers. Hence without further ado, lined up are a few activities that can help you enjoy the pouring outside.

Evening walks:

Look around walking to see eye catching colors everywhere, from big vibrant umbrellas to trendy flip flops and the most mundane look brand new. Smell the earth exhaling out hot muddy aroma and rejuvenate your senses. The swinging trees, the singing birds, the soothing breeze will send you back impressed after an evening stroll.

Garam Samosas: Samosa in the rains

Indian cuisine offers a variety of snacks, right from simple street-eats to exotic dine-in preparations. But no snack matches with spicy, tangy aloo filling in refined wheat flour. A crisp bite into it and you’ll know you are doing monsoons right!
Some people also opt for bhajiyas and bhutta ki kees in this beloved weather; but #samosa gets the hands down victory in the monsoon league.


pIn the midst of the rainy season, the shutterbug residing in everyone wants to capture the season’s best. After all, there’s abundance to click – the rain, the greenery, the birds, the beautiful umbrellas, drenched people, the vapour from a hot cup of tea, and so on.
Get your rain shots rolling guys!

Chai – 

The prospect of enjoying a cup of tea in the monsoons is exhilarating. Time comes to a standstill when you sip a cup of tea, especially adrak tea, while watching the rain droplets touching the ground. I am a bigger fan of masala chai though. The taste, the aroma, and the health benefits of masala chai make it a must-have during Monsoon. You can also go for herbal teas during Monsoon.

Rainbow – 

I wish I never grow old enough to think of it as ordinary. Rainbows are always special. One of the most spectacular miracles of nature; it lifts my spirit and always teaches a lesson also – Life has all colours, celebrate it. The next time you hear someone gush with excitement – ‘There’s a rainbow!’, get up from your computer screen and admire it. Or just watch the kids go gaga over it.

Dance in the rain – dancing-in-the-rain

Since childhood, a rainy-day forecast would get our troop wait for it to be real. We, as kids, sang all the rain songs we knew and went crazy! I see very few adults being able to bring out the child in them and embrace the rain as it’s supposed to be. This monsoon, go berserk with Pitter Patter Rain Drops! I am sure more will follow your move.

Free Pizza –

Pizza in monsoon season
Are you wondering if I mismatched a wrong option with the article? You mustn’t. Because I’ll tell you the correlation between the two. These days, pizza companies claim that they deliver pizza in 30 minutes, or else its free. And it’s highly likely for your delivery guy to get caught up in the rain jam. So enjoy your free pizza if at all, you are lucky.

Hope you enjoy the rain 🙂


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