Catch Double Thrillers on June 24th: Raman Raghav & 7 hours to Go !!

Indian audiences have always reserved a special fondness for action films. Silvery movies that have provided a gold of thrill such as “Wo Kaun Thi” and “Anita” are long gone but are alive in our memory box as being stories that gave us a different slice of life other than the cushy comfort of romance, a genre Bollywood excels at. After all, how much drama can we exact from mushy Bollywood romances and ‘sobby’ picture perfect romances that seem more larger than life than increasing fuel prices?

Not that every movie springing from Bollywood’s action dome boasts of the spectacular finesse and nail biting finish that audiences expect but off late, movie makers have nearly turned the tables.

If you look back at the last couple of years then you’d find, story tellers have floored audiences with edgy narratives hinging on spectacular thrills just as much they have moved us to seek comfort in the company of a tissue box. The likes of recently released “T3N” and “Fan”, and not too recent flicks such as “Drishyam” and “Talavar”, all of which have been widely received, have provided a thrilling embrace to the euphoria we seek from our movies.

7 Hours to Go

7 Hours to Go

And just as Bollywood prepares to enter the monsoon fever, a bit of thunderstorm and lightening is expected to be sought at the box office come June 24. First up, it’s the Saurabh Verma directed, “7 hours to go”. Produced by Nitika Thakur with Shiv Pandit, Sandeepa Dhar and Natasha Stankovic in lead roles, 7 hours to go is a fast-paced hostage drama crisis based in the city of dreams that narrates the drama taking place in the 7 hours after an unprecedented incident occurs in the heart of the city.

Finding his fiancé missing after having returned to Mumbai, Shiv Pandit, appears scratchy and somewhat wrecked in nervousness. He incidentally witnesses an unlikely murder whilst being on a trail to find his love and unexpectedly gets embroiled in a hostage situation being unable to shrug off the ‘killer’ tag that falls on his shoulder for a murder he never committed.

7 Hours to Go

He would go all lengths to keep hostages under his control and seems like an improbable hostage taker. A mean action flick, 7 hours to go is a race against time to reach justice. The frame of the movie, ably sculpted with action and fast-paced thrills dwindles but resurrects itself, often wavering between the cops who are ordered to find the real killer and an unlikely man who’s desperate to prove his innocence in the most distraught situation he could ever be in.


The advantage with medium budget films such as this, it seems, is that, in the absence of a box office heavyweight, audiences seem willing to try out a movie that has a relatively newer star-cast and not the usual Bollywood suspects, keeping off from the predicament of creating biases about how it may be an ‘all brawn and no brainer’ story. There’s a win-win for everyone: the new kids on the block and the viewers who don’t seem to mind taking a chance with an unexpected star cast and off course, the plot. Give this one a try!

Raman Raghav 2.

Raman Raghav 2.

With a serial-killer out on the loose, who’s every bit as notorious and merciless as a prowling wildcat in the fall of the night, things can go in two directions. You can either expect to have a lot of bloodshed around and for someone to get seriously hurt. Or, you can hope to find from somewhere an unlikely ray of hope to outshine the murkiness spread by the notorious figure.

Good for us that in his latest offering to movie-goers, Anurag Kashyap, easily a modern day master is offering both and in sumptuous amounts through Raman Raghav 2.

Raman Raghav 2.

Based on the real life incidents of a dangerous serial killer who haunted the underbelly of Mumbai in the 1960s, Raman Raghav has the exuberance and seasoned charm in the form of Nawazuddin essaying the lead role and plenty of euphoria and a quiver for hope in the form of Vicky Kaushal (best remembered for Masaan).

When a spate of merciless killings rock Mumbai upside down, an unlikely cop-young and daring- but inexperienced to withstand the gothic horror brought upon by the ‘nutcase’ Raman Raghav, begins to hunt down the dangerous bogeyman.

Raman Raghav 2.

With plenty of action and hauntingly authentic acting offering a dark slice of reality from the murderers’ mind, Raman Raghav 2. will make you sit tightly onto the edge of your seats. Nawazuddin with his maniacal laughter and euphoric triumph in executing deadly killings offers plenty of chills in a thrill fest where the warm- hearted cop plays the perfect anti-dote to the murderers’ rage.

We suggest you to hop onto the seat all tight with the perfect combo of cola and popcorn to see you through a 2 hour slug-fest of many a murder and ultimately, retribution.


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