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Mandir Ya Masjid? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Historic Verdict!

November 9, 2019

Bringing down curtains on one of the most important and anticipated judgements in India's history, the longest running dispute in India- Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid issue, got its due judgement today. A history of violence and agendas, lives lost and communal disruption, later..... the verdict is a sigh of relief.... and hopefully of the dispute settled! Yes, we can finally rejoice.... and here is all you need to know.... history re-created!


In 1992, Tens of thousands of kar sevaks demolished the disputed structure. The incident triggered widespread communal riots in the country, killing hundreds.

A three-judge Lucknow bench of the Allahabad high court ruled that disputed site belongs jointly to Hindus, Muslims and the Nirmohi Akhara. The place where the idol of Ram Lalla is currently housed in a makeshift temple under the main dome of the Babri mosque will be given to Hindus.


  • A five-judge Constitution bench of the Supreme Court has given the entire disputed 2.77-acre land to the Hindu parties for construction of a temple.
  • The CJI Ranjan Gogoi-led bench of Justices SA Bobde, DY Chandrachud, Ashok Bhushan and S Abdul Nazeer, presided over the historic decision.
  • The dispute site in Ayodhya has been allotted to Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas by the Supreme Court.
  • The Central government is to formulate a scheme under Ayodhya Act 1993 within 3 months and set up a trust and hand over the disputed site to it for construction of temple at the site.
  • The Sunni Waqf Board will be given 5 acres of alternate land, a five-judge bench of the Supreme Court ruled in the unanimous verdict.
  • The SC has dismissed the suit filed by Nirmohi Akhara seeking control of entire disputed land. However, the court has asked the Centre to consider granting some kind of representation to Nirmohi Akhara in setting up of trust.
  • Possession of the disputed 2.77 acre land rights will handed over to the deity Ram Lalla, who is one of the three litigants in the case. The possession however will remain with a central government receiver.
  • The Supreme Court said the Hindus have established their case that they were in possession of outer courtyard and the UP Sunni Central Waqf Board has failed to establish its case in the Ayodhya dispute.
  • The apex court further said said that the underlying structure below the disputed site at Ayodhya was not an Islamic structure.
  • The court also said that the Hindus consider the disputed site as the birthplace of Lord Ram and even Muslims say this about that place.
  • The faith of the Hindus that Lord Ram was born at the demolished structure is undisputed, the apex court said.
  • The bench said the existence of Sita Rasoi, Ram Chabutra and Bhandar grih are the testimony of the religious fact of the place.
  • In view of the Supreme Court's Ayodhya verdict, that internet services were suspended for 24 hours in the Jaipur Commissionerate area in Rajasthan.
  • One of the litigants in the decades-old Ayodhya land dispute case, the Sunni Waqf Board reportedly said that it won't seek a review of the Supreme Court's judgment.

In the words of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi "Be it Ram Bhakti or Rahim Bhakti, it is imperative that we strengthen the spirit of Rashtra Bhakti."

With the mood in predominantly Muslim areas of Uttar Pradesh remained more or less unstirred with many hoping that the order will put an end to the decades-old dispute.... the words of Prime Minister seem to stand strong!

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