The Much-Awaited Jaipur Literature Festival Is Here

January has reached to its middle, Jaipur is yet to invite its best Festival that has kept us awaited since so long. The 13th edition of the literature festival will take place over five days from Jan 23 to Jan 27 at Jaipur’s Diggi Palace. 

Neil Gaiman keeps on escaping the celebration—in opposition to its notoriety, the current year’s version has less literary heavyweights than expected—however, there’s sufficient to get between 300 speakers and almost 200 sessions. 

Jaipur Literature Festival will hold its trademark pledge to the future as it investigates the thoughts behind how ‘the web can end neediness’ and ‘the advanced and virtual fates of humankind’ with prestigious creators, for example, Payal Arora, Marcus du Sautoy, John Lanchester and Sanjoy K. Roy. 

The thirteenth release of the Festival, will examine significant subjects, for example, environmental change close by science and innovation alongside different topics basic to our occasions.

Where: Diggi House, Shivaji Marg, Sawai Ram Singh Rd, C Scheme, Jaipur, Rajasthan 
When:  23rd January to 27th January 2020


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